line of fire

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the path of a missile discharged from a firearm

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(5.) Unpublished data from the research for In the Line of Fire: A Study of Selected Felonious Assaults on Law Enforcement Officers.
It is designed to keep soldiers out of the line of fire.
It gets soldiers out of the line of fire, out of the blast zone."
So it's been hard to write an agenda for black America without having to both name its enemies and call for direct confrontation with The Powers That Be, thereby putting them in the metaphorical (if not literal) line of fire. If this book's breadth and tone is any indication, the modern solution to this historic problem is to do neither task--to engage instead in a kind of "activist-lite" that allows all black people to advance without the black middle class forfeiting its hard-earned jobs and SUVs.
So what would happen if the general were ever really caught in the line of fire? One possibility is that religious parties would kick down the door of parliament and usher in a scary, fundamentalist government.
Travis Wigington drove through a locked gate in front of his ex-wife's trailer, broke out several windows, and shot into the trailer with a .22-caliber rifle, even as his ex-wife, Carol Johnson, yelled out that her six-year-old daughter was in the line of fire. While Travis attacked, Johnson called the police.
Only the day before, I had spoken with Hamic and suggested that he move to my apartment because it was safer than his home, which was on the slopes of Trebevic and in the line of fire. He had refused for the sake of his mother, an old woman who was the only other one staying in the house, his younger relatives having joined the army.
Just seeing the previews for last year's blockbusters, "The Fugitive," "In the Line of Fire," "Rising Sun," "The Firm," and "The Pelican Brief," sets that old black magic coursing through my veins.
The successful return of the business was a gamble since a primary rule of bankruptcy is to keep personal assets out of the line of fire when the creditors start hunting for debt payment.
That's because the military treaty's Three Musketeer defence policy in Article 5 - "an armed attack on one or more shall be considered an attack on all" - puts us in the line of fire should Nato's Turkey clash with Russia over Syria.
The FA chairman, along with consultants Maxum, has been looking into reorganising finances within the organisation, with Wembley Stadium and St George's Park also in the line of fire.
"The North East has alway been in the line of fire by government." Soosie Wells SPORT: Jailed Gatesheadborn football star Gary Madine has vowed to 'never get in trouble again.' "Hopefully he's realised what sort of life he's got and keeps hold of it."
This time it is UKIP that has wandered into his line of fire (The new Tory Party, ECHO Letters January 11).