line of fire

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the path of a missile discharged from a firearm

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By the end of the first hour I wished I was in the line of fire myself.
We replaced them with trained officers in protective kit as soon as we could, but they stood, without question, in the line of fire whilst we did it.
Line Of Fire is one of the closest railers around and has the red jacket in heat four, where he faces Frances O'Donnell's smart So Determined.
Musharraf insisted the threat was made, but seemed coyly to suggest that Americans would need to buy his new memoir, In the Line of Fire, to learn what really happened.
22-caliber rifle, even as his ex-wife, Carol Johnson, yelled out that her six-year-old daughter was in the line of fire.
So it's been hard to write an agenda for black America without having to both name its enemies and call for direct confrontation with The Powers That Be, thereby putting them in the metaphorical (if not literal) line of fire.
Another plane dropped a line of fire retardant near the wreckage, inadvertently coating the downed pilot in the process.
It gets soldiers out of the line of fire, out of the blast zone.
The traditional religions of early Britain as well as modern divination practices come into Taylor's line of fire.
I would like to know why police are allowed to park on double yellow lines (Parked Right In The Line Of Fire, 17.
The communion may have dodged a bullet in the short term, but it is not out of the line of fire.
Fugitive Vito Cosco, 27, gunned down two men in the streets and a further two people were caught in the line of fire.
In the Line of Fire (made by Patricia Naylor for CBC's Witness) investigates the way in which journalists working on the West Bank are shot at by Israeli soldiers.
IN THE LINE OF FIRE What to do if your friend is a creature of habit and launches into a "listen to this one"?
Dahlberg calculated the "safe zones" in his own home, paths from room to room that were outside his neighbor's potential line of fire.