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The latest addition to the genre is writer-director Rohit Karn Batra's "Line of Descent" which premiered on Sunday at the European Film Market, currently running alongside the Berlin Film Festival.
At the time archae-ologistswere hopingto identify remains of Richard's sister in Belgium and needed a female line of descent. "She was delighted," said Michael.
Since that heritage was on his father's side, he did not qualify as a Seneca within the strictly matrilineal line of descent followed by all of the Haudenosaunee Nations, and was not enrolled.
There is a direct line of descent from Bruel's early innovations to the sound and vibration solutions Bruel & Kjaer provides today.
The tribesmen, on the other hand, had a different line of descent: they considered themselves offspring of Qahtan, and thus southern Arabs.
For the remaining families, the genealogical research concentrated on finding at least one line of descent from couple A to the proband.
Their data demonstrated that there is a transgenerational transmission via the maternal, but not the paternal, line of descent.
This suggests that part of the genetic overlap observed between some modern dogs and wolves is the result of interbreeding after dog domestication, not a direct line of descent from one group of wolves.
Horse racing had first come to Ely on May 30, 1855, and the racecourse was in direct line of descent from the one at Heath Farm.
(the line of descent between persons of the same lineage) is considered a citizen of Western Armenia (Hayrenik)".
Its outcome was at best mixed: The line of descent was preserved (Hassan was the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed), but Hassan gave up rule over the Muslim community to Muawiyah and was years later almost certainly poisoned on Muawiyah's orders.
As Llewelyn is also the great-gandson of Rhodri Mawr (12 'greats'), George is in the direct line of descent of Rhodri and his Welsh predecessors - records of which go back to the Roman times - which ended in 5th century.
He persuades the London Philharmonic Orchestra both to nobility and joyousness, and quite properly underlines the Wagnerian sources of Humperdinck's inspiration (Irmgard Vilsmaier's portrayal of the Mother is directly in line of descent from the Ring's Erda and Fricka).
? She is also 38th in direct line of descent from Egbert, King of Wessex from 802 and King of England from 827 to 839.
They were the empire's historical memory, and their quipus were learned and inherited according to a family line of descent.