line of defense

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Synonyms for line of defense

any organization whose responsibility it is to defend against something

defensive structure consisting of a barrier that can be employed for defense against attack

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(We are the first line of defense. When there's trouble, people would go in the barangay hall first, but barangay officials and watchmen are not properly compensated.)
"To have the big man as the last line of defense is a big plus for us.
Thus, the second line of defense can provide a credible challenge to the work of the first line of defense.
* Second line of defense (layer 2): This layer conducts ERM services through an approved risk oversight process with independent control of risk and centralized policy management.
In a statement issued by the Lebanese Democratic Party's media bureau after his return to Beirut, Prince Arslan affirmed that the conspiracy targeting Syria is part of a plot against the entire region, stressing that Syria is targeted because it represents the first Arab line of defense against west-backed Zionist plots.
They must put in place a second line of defense that provides early detection and response to these breaches so the damage can be quickly contained and cyber criminals deterred.
Some important elements of environmental health practice--the first line of defense against disease--(with an example) include the following:
Public education is an important component of the government's redesigned currency program because an informed public is an important line of defense against counterfeiting.
The auditors said internal control is "the first line of defense in safeguarding assets and preventing and detecting fraud and errors."
Elysium, the defense of the world against demons is no longer there and Alex is the last line of defense, much to his dismay.
The company says that extensive research and clinical trials over the past 17 years have shown that the active ingredient in Cold-fX enhances the body's first line of defense--the so-called natural killer--as well as macrophage immune cells and the production of cytokines, which are critical to activate T-lymphocytes, the body's second line of defense.
These UV protection products stabilize the primary lignin in the wood, representing a first line of defense against a range of factors that cause wood degradation.
In this configuration, the Pentadyne system is the first line of defense against all power issues, isolating the batteries from any such events.
The goal of the Cyber Security program is to develop front-line practitioners, security professionals, system analysts and entry-level computer professionals who represent the first line of defense against computer attacks.
Mobility Transfer Systems' MTS transfer handles for spring-based and pan-based beds provide a first line of defense for fall prevention while improving patient independence.