line of credit

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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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Some of the uses of business line of credit include:
The US Home Equity Line of Credit Satisfaction Study measures overall customer satisfaction and was fielded in January 2018.
Benefits of Personal Line of Credit by Bajaj Finserv:
* A $1.5 million second mortgage and $500,000 line of credit for 40-50 Tenants Corp., a 101-unit co-op at 40-50 East 10th Street in Manhattan;
Although maintenance formulas may vary, one common example is the line of credit divided by 100% minus the maintenance rate.
The company has borrowed approximately $645,000 under the revolving line of credit facility to repay the company's existing line of credit facility with PFG, which was due to mature on December 15, 2006.
Lo que usted deberia saber sobre las lineas de credito con garantia hipotecaria (What You Should Know about Home Equity Lines of Credit) explains how a home equity line of credit differs from a more traditional home equity loan.
This approach enables physicians to return to private practice with the health system serving as a guarantor for a line of credit for practice start-up, recruitment, practice expansion, and other business purposes.
A barter line of credit may be easier to get than bank credit because barter exchange networks look at a company's capacity to pay back through demand in the network rather than through traditional collateral.
The Alberta Court of Appeal was not impressed by the actions of a bank in dealing with a customer's line of credit. The bank decreased the amount of the client's line of credit from $300,000 to $200,000 without telling the client.
It then opened a line of credit to handle cash flow needs that could arise from operations.
Uniroyal Adhesives and Sealants and Ensolite won interim court approval for a major line of credit to assist them during their Chapter 11 reorganization.
A line of credit provided by a bank supports the day-to-day activities of a business.
Second-generation management was experienced and competent, with a good record of earnings, and was a large user of our bank's floor plan line of credit.