line of business

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a particular kind of commercial enterprise

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Provide yourself, sir, with a journeyman; I'm my country's journeyman; henceforward that's MY line of business.'
He only know'd that it wasn't put right by them what undertook that line of business, and that it didn't come right of itself.
I have seldom met with a man in your line of business that could do so much; for one other touch might make this figure of General Wolfe, for instance, a breathing and intelligent human creature."
David could invent delightful things in the way of drop-cakes, and he had the widest views of the sugar department; but in other directions he certainly felt hampered by the want of knowledge and practical skill; and the world is so inconveniently constituted, that the vague consciousness of being a fine fellow is no guarantee of success in any line of business.
He had been guided in the selection of this peculiar line of business by an instinctive leaning towards shady transactions, where money is picked up easily.
There never was such another drunken madman in that line of business, I hope.
'And you'd like to strike some paying line of business?'
I was glad to give her a sufficient sum to set her up in a good line of business, and so get decently rid of her.
As a result, the line of business leader became the 'red light,' trying to slow down the CIO to see business needs that will benefit the business effectiveness, not just business efficiencies.
The most of the growth in contribution written came from the Health and Motor line of business which shared 51 percent and 31 percent, respectively to the total contribution written in the quarter under review.
It takes into consideration various aspects of grants line of business, such as Functionality/Business Processes, Security, Operations, Hardware/Software Platform, and others.
Line of Business : Chemical Plant Equipment & Supplies
A line of business is an eligible line of business in a determination year it, on the most recent annual statement filed by the taxpayer before the beginning of that determination year, the taxpayer reports losses and loss expenses incurred ...
Another major suggestion for window operation is that funds can be pumped into Islamic line of business by a conventional parent bank, but Islamic banking operation can not transfer money for using it in conventional banking.
Summary: Today, Epicor Software Corporation (NASDAQ: EPIC) proudly announced it has won 2009 Global ISV Line of Business Partner of the Year in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards program.