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an item in an appropriation bill

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This mapping should continue for each line item on pages 1 and 2 of Form 1040, U.S.
The business financial manager also identifies the appropriate category of financial treatment for each line item. Line items may be identified as assets to be capitalized, assets to be held for inventory, or assets to be expensed.
But if you'll go back to your list--and really listen to your Heart--you'll soon discover the hidden gem in each line item. "Oh yeah, I'm terrified of being homeless" may be your Heart's way of saying "I need and deserve security" or comfort, or safety or any number of really useful, natural, and real things that ate by no means outside of your current reach.
If the amount Entergy receives from that line item is 10 percent or more over or under what it projects to collect, Entergy or the state PSC can propose an adjustment to the rate.
The Line Item Veto Act was enacted into law on April 9, 1996 (P.L.
Bridging Islamic values with Western values, by unpacking what they mean, line item by line item, to show where differences of semantics hide similarities of substance and content.
Captiva further claims the new release out-performs typical template-based capture and includes line item detail capture and seamless SAP ( software system integration.
When the GAO examined the underlying record, it focused on just two of Burney's overpriced line items. (7) The GAO noted that for the "coverage of metal surfaces" line item, Burney bid $7.25.
There are four modules in the Suite: Pursuit for contact management and marketing; Quotes for sales force automation, opportunity management, and line item quoting; Service & Repair for customer service, maintenance contracts, and technician tracking; and Parts for purchasing and inventory tracking.
Taxpayers would be required to modify and redesign their compliance processes from gathering and analyzing book income/loss information to computing and describing book tax-differences to fit within the line item categories of the proposed form.
According to the Administration's budget language, funding for collaborative activities is contained in the hazardous fuel reduction line item. Yet, there is too little funding in that line item to accomplish even the actual on-the-ground fuel treatments.
The first step toward a solution is to get a system that allows for line item posting.
In a letter written to Minister of Finance John Manley, the organization commends the government for recognizing child care and early learning by making it a line item in the recent federal budget and supported the Multilateral Agreement of Early Learning and Care as a "first step" towards a national child care program.