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a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects

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Anyone interested in taking part in the Dumfries competition can collect line drawings from the Ottersburn Gallery in Nith Avenue.
The fMRI images showed the researchers what was going on in several areas of the participants' brains when they viewed the photos and line drawings.
The material to be recognized and categorized was composed of 2-D geometric line drawings (such as a square, rectangle, angle, triangle, and oval) that varied on two out of three dimensions at a time (shape and orientation, shape and size, or shape and orientation).
Other books have been written about septic systems for rural homeowners; but few offer the clarify and line drawings of THE SEPTIC SYSTEM OWNER'S MANUAL, with Peter Aschwanden's cartoons and illustrations lending to the effort.
On the wall directly across the room were two simple line drawings, Spostamento (A) (Displacement [A]) and Spostamento (B) (Displacement [B]), which pick up on the earthquake theme, showing children--alone or in small groups--jumping.
Hundreds of line drawings and a clear text inform readers about each architectural element of a modern building.
Enhancing appreciation of female zeal for business are line drawings of indigo production, fashion plates, ads for Maiden-form bras, and a color photo of Julia Morgan's architectural accomplishment at the Hearst Castle.
95), each title features illustrations with black-and-white photography, line drawings, and diagrams, as well as a chronology, chapter notes, bibliography for further reading, thematically appropriate Internet resources, and an index.
A distinguishing feature of this surface anatomy text is that the majority of illustrations, most of which are colour photographs, are superimposed with line drawings of the underlying structures.
According to the company the new printer provides output at a speed of 24ppm in colour and monochrome and automatically distinguishes between photos, text and line drawings, while the duplex unit enables printing on both sides of the page up to A4.
In ``Persepolis 2,'' employing the same disarmingly, deceptively simple yet expressive black-and-white line drawings that won her first book so many fans, Satrapi describes her rebellious teen years in Vienna, where she eventually descended into drugs and homelessness, and her subsequent return to Iran, where rebellion was tolerated capriciously.
Humorously illustrated with black line drawings that capture the naughtiness of Tuffy.
Next we converted these gesture drawings into line drawings of acrobatic snowmen to be used in printmaking.
In the past, Witt used a company that did line drawings for variety produce he normally merchandises in small trays, such as specialty or exotic items.
Provide books with pictures of owls so students can get ideas for simple line drawings.