line drawing

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a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects

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In fact imperial line drawing minted another kind of chaos.
Line drawing is thus the process of determining whether an ambiguous provision of law, or desired legal treatment, should apply to a specific taxpayer.
For the eight trials of the free-classification task, the participants had to explore the target line drawing and then match it to one of the comparison line drawings (Cook & Odom, 1988).
The HP DesignJet ColorPro CAD printer enables CAD customers to produce in-house, full-bleed output from 4 inches x 6 inches up to 11 inches x 13 inches - ideal for final quality line drawings, renderings, handouts and presentations.
I demonstrated using the gouge to go over the line drawing on the linoleum's surface.
The high tech website - - incorporates computer games of various levels, e-greeting cards for all occasions, picture downloads and colour-in line drawing, the site also includes a step-by-step guide on how to knit a SuperTed bear and bake a SuperTed cake.
The ordering of the means with color highest, followed by black and white and line drawing respectively, suggests that cue summation theory is a valid predictor of visual processing in recall memory.
Beginning with a line drawing of a perfect circle and ending with a photograph of a violin and score, this unique visual primer also illustrates flora and fauna, the rural and the urban, continental drift and the United Nations.
Using the technique of contour line drawing to create an image.
The call for an accurate line drawing of lesbian culture has been a loud one, and cartoonist Bechdel continues to answer it superbly.
Fittingly, the show is lorded over by a wall of ninety drawings from the ongoing series "Thinking About Philosophy," started in 2003, each of which features a delicate line drawing of a figure, usually a person with an impassive, inscrutable expression, and a hand-scrawled text that reads, for example, THINKING ABOUT SCHOPENHAUER.
All that come up are a line drawing of possibly two people possibly inspecting each other's entrails and the practice's addresses in Portugal and New York.
Line Drawing with Synapse, 2003, is the most paradoxical and maddening work on view.
Then, students began contour line drawing exercises of still-life objects.
The first drawing is a modified contour line drawing. Students are instructed to draw only when their eyes are on the subject.