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Synonyms for linchpin

a central cohesive source of support and stability

pin inserted through an axletree to hold a wheel on


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The 24-year-old Stoke midfielder has been plucked from relative obscurity to become one of the linchpins of Giovanni Trapattoni's side as they embark upon their World Cup qualifying campaign.
Imagine reducing rock history to a handful of moments, linchpins on which a whole genre might have turned, or as editor Ian Inglis states in the introduction, "signposts to the turbulent, unpredictable and constantly surprising history of rock'n'roll" (p.
These are the linchpins that hold together unwieldy sentences.
DavisCup captain Jeremy Bates has urged his ageing linchpins Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski to sweep aside Austria before ending two decades of failure on the global stage.
She identifies the linchpins of late fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century patriarchy as the doctrine of coverture in common law, primogeniture with male entail, arranged marriages, limitations of widows' property rights, and a misogynistic ideology based on classical philosophy, Christian theology, and early modern science.