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the scientific study of bodies of fresh water for their biological and physical and geological properties

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Limnological studies in 1999 and 2000 (Punning & Leeben, 2003) showed a marked increase in the Chl a concentration during this time (45 and 25 [micro]g [L.sup.-1], respectively).
Lake Oglethorpe, Georgia (33[degrees]52, 12"N, 83[degrees]13'49"W) has been the focus of much limnological research, recently summarized by Porter et al.
At Crater Lake, private enterprise charges exorbitant prices for overnight rooms in the park's newly renovated grand lodge; operates several fifty-passenger tour boats that prowl the lake, possibly damaging its rare and fragile limnological features; and pushes rubber tomahawks, fast food, and cheap trinkets at honky-tonk concession stands.
The influence of area, like most morphometric parameters, on peatland formation is limnological in nature and affects the ontogeny of a lake long before it becomes a bog or a fen.
It is also the origin of a long series of limnological studies based on the idea that each lake is individual as a result of its insularity, that is to say, the fact that they are "islands of life." Lakes are convenient units to study, and limnology has been a fertile source of advances in ecological theory.
These references are listed by category, e.g., limnological methods, abiotic frame, food web interactions.
To say that the nature of limnological and other processes influencing the generation of organics is extremely complex would be almost an understatement.
They are responsible for the management of the natural resources of tens or even thousands of acres, for the construction and maintenance of hundreds of artificial structures and facilities on the property, for the safety of hundreds of campers and staff, for the limnological integrity of lakes and streams, for the preservation of the beauty of the site, and for the environmental factors that impact camps.
The National Park Service (NPS) assembled a team of limnological and oceanographic experts, and the Ten-Year Limnological Study began that fall.
In June 1990, we collected an 8.03-m (26-ft) core from Er Hai, and limnological data and duplicate short cores were obtained from Xingyun Hu, Er Hai, and a fourth study lake, Dianchi.
Gregori Galazy, former head of the Baikal Limnological Institute at Irkutsk, now head of the Baikal Museum; David Brower, a prominent American environmentalist; and George D.
The book is a fine chronicle of developments in limnological work at the University of Wisconsin from Birge's arrival in 1875 to Hasler's retirement in 1978.