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a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects

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In addition, the details of his life can be traced in a variety of documentary sources, and his manuscript A Treatise Concerning the Arte of Limning (c.
In a manner reflecting the origin of this book, a dissertation, Courtmanche nails his point, yet he should have granted himself the freedom, as Hawthorne did, to move from typological limning to psychological probing.
And at various times of the day, its edges are like brilliant lines, etched in the horizon, limning its elegant profile."
What if Twain is only the messenger, limning a society in which there is no freedom for a black man anywhere, in which whites will manage to deny it wherever he goes (and will go on doing so, in fact, for a century and beyond)?
Breon Mitchell's version renders the novel in language which suggests new subtleties in the character behind the narrative voice, limning the spectral geometry of a haunted mind.
In "cleaning the place," she joins Cynthia Oliver, Renee Redding-Jones, and Gail Salazar, kinetically limning domestic chores and grooming.
Differences in life-style, attitudes, and experiences set her apart, limning the novel's themes of exile, prejudice, and rupture.
But because Dowd is so good at limning character, and because her forum at the Times is so formidable, a generation of bright young writers is now imitating her--the flaws as well as the flourishes.
Kodak has stopped making slide projectors, further damning us to clean, well-lit digital purgatory and limning this show with the urgency of a Lomax-like field recording.