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a painter or drawer of portraits

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He also became active in the larger art community, becoming a member of the Victoria-based exhibiting group of 18 known as The Limners, which consisted of potters, weavers, painters, printmakers, collage artists and poets.
In other words, Thorney's volume is a product of the transition between manuscript and print culture that combines the traditional tasks of scribes and limners with the more novel ones related to printing, thus proving the natural co-existence of the two technologies.
In prestige, it was comparable to the great crowd of limners, librarians, clothing surveyors, herbalists, organ keepers, and perfumers who made up the lower tier of chamber service but, in practical terms, it apparently established for Beeston something like an adjunct position in the Revels Office:
As they have seen it as a witness, both through my own lenses and the borrowed lenses of the photographers and limners of other times and places have seen it--Soldago and Evans, Goya and Bosch, Breughel and Witkin.
"Most of the limners of biblical themes in our times come off with pictures that look like what it feels like to have gone to the county fair and eaten too much cotton candy--so sickly sweet," Moser says.
(2) It was illuminated and illustrated by East Anglian limners in partial imitation of the Ellesmere copy of The Canterbury Tales, made and illuminated in London c.
Itinerant "limners" roamed Michigan, equipped with an assortment of canvases, complete except for the face.
It is this blunt presentation that helps to explain his special fondness for the unadorned style of the self-taught limners of the last century, which he admires for its "flat-footed directness." The unexpected compliment suggests that Close recognizes a characteristic he shares with these American folk artists: their portraits show believable people painted without frills, who look back at us with refreshing if awkward honesty.
Untrained professional artists were called "limners." They traveled from town to town painting portraits of individuals or families.
The company had existed informally from 1403 as a guild of textwriters, limners, and stationers (in various combinations), but was not incorporated until 1557.
Baptista's character draws from the experiences of limners in Massinger's age.
Too many limners (and readers and exegetes) of Holy Writ have shied away from the violence and difficulties of the real text and instead of wrestling with the terrible and eternal verities that are within its pages, have fed us "Bible Lite." [9] A marrowless version sanitized of pointed meaning and significance that is fit only for pallid minds, a watery substitute for the real thing -- a wolf merely scalded, not the main ingredient of a garlicky wolf-stew.
For further detail of the differences between the two limners, see II.