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Synonyms for LP

a long-playing phonograph record

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The board of directors of retail propane marketer AmeriGas Propane Inc, the general partner of AmeriGas Partners LP (NYSE:APU) approved a quarterly partnership distribution on the limited partnership, it declared on Monday.
Buyer: Allianz Group, the PPP Equity PIP limited partnership, and Dalmore Capital Fund II
It used to be that a limited partnership had to have at least one general partner who managed the business and retained personal liability for its obligations if the limited partnership's assets were insufficient to pay them.
A limited partner who is also a general partner in the same partnership is not treated as holding a limited partnership interest in that partnership, if that individual holds the general partnership interest at all times during the partnership's tax year that ends with or within the individual's tax year (or the portion of the partnership's tax year during which the individual directly or indirectly holds the limited partnership interest) (Temp.
469(h)(2), losses from an interest in a limited partnership are presumptively treated as passive losses by providing that no limited partner in a limited partnership will be treated as materially participating in that interest.
Neuro II and Neuro Discovery Limited Partnership are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of NDI Capital Inc.
The Limited Partnership is being set up for the purpose of purchasing a Cutter-head dredge and associated equipment to be placed in operation on the 25 square mile concession on which NARIL currently operates four hydraulic suction dredges, in and adjacent to the Konawaruk River, located in the Republic of Guyana, South America.
The family limited partnership (FLP) is a valuable planning technique offering numerous advantages to the owners of a closely held business.
469(h)(2) reads: "interests in Limited Partnerships--Except as provided in regulations, no interest in a limited partnership as a limited partner shall be treated as an interest with respect to which a taxpayer materially participates." Observation.
Algoma's proposal to form a wholly-owned limited partnership, known as Algoma Energy LP, was accepted by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) which signed a 20-year power purchase agreement.
A limited partnership is a specialized form of business organization.
In 2002, members of the Tax Law, Business Law, and Real Property, Probate and Trust Law sections of The Florida Bar created a special committee to study the existing Florida limited partnership statutes and the Uniform Limited Partnership Act promulgated by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws ("NCCUSL").
As a limited partnership established among family members, an FLP lets a donor place assets into a partnership and gift noncontrolling interests to family members.
Cooke and Arkwright acted on behalf of the Ashtenne Industrial Fund Limited Partnership, and the properties were purchased by clients of the IO Group.
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