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Synonyms for LP

a long-playing phonograph record

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At a later date, the revocable trust gifted 60% of its interest to the children, identified as a Class B limited partnership interest, entitled to 60% of partnership income and losses.
When a limited partnership has effectively connected income allocable to a foreign partner, the partnership is required to withhold tax on that partner's distributive share of the net income.
Tenders of units of limited partnership interest made pursuant to the tender offer are subject to withdrawal by the holder tendering such units, which right of withdrawal is available throughout the entirety of the tender offer period.
As you might expect, setting up a limited partnership is not as easy as setting up a general partnership.
First, by definition, a limited partnership must have at least one general partner personally liable for the partnership's obligations.
As the LLC and the limited partnership are not automatically classified as corporations, they choose the latter, or "default," classification.
An individual generally is treated as materially participating in an activity in which he has a limited partnership interest only if one of the following tests is met:
CONTACT: Tina Simms for High River Limited Partnership, 914-242-4013/
CHICAGO -- Equity Office Properties Trust (NYSE:EOP) announced today that its subsidiary, EOP Operating Limited Partnership, has extended its cash tender offers and related consent solicitations in respect of an aggregate of approximately $8.
Each subsidiary contributed the assets and liabilities of its dealership to a limited partnership in exchange for a limited partnership interest.
Since publishing that FLP-friendly ruling, however, the IRS has issued several other rulings that deny discounts for transfers of limited partnership interests (PLRs 9719006, 9723009, 9725002, 9725018, 9730004, 9735003, 9735043 and 9736004).
May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- High River Limited Partnership announced today that it has determined to amend its outstanding tender offers for the Shelter Limited Partnerships I through VI to eliminate the condition that the competing tender offers by an affiliate of the General Partner of such limited partnerships be extended for at least ten business days.
The owner of the property contributes it to a limited partnership in which he or she is the general partner and family members may be the limited partners.
s Investment Research group, specializing in the master limited partnership midstream energy space and advised Goldman Sachs, & Co.
A family limited partnership (FLP) is a mechanism used to achieve significant gift and estate tax savings through the transfer of assets to family members, by taking advantage of rules permitting reduced valuation of the amount transferred.
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