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a diluted solution

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weakening (reducing the concentration) by the addition of water or a thinner

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The flexibility to raise funds in incremental amounts provides a mechanism for the company to potentially limit dilution. If desired, the company can choose to drawdown on a tactical basis, taking advantage of a rising share price to minimize dilution.
In the company's annual report, he wrote that the national rollout will begin "later this year" and that "we will needto obtain additional funding to complete the launch but will work hard to limit dilution for existing Circuit City Group investors."
The transaction includes a non-dilutive feature as the financing combination provides the ability for DS Healthcare to purchase the issued shares under a first right of refusal where DS Healthcare can limit dilution by purchasing shares through various financial instruments.
Samples greater than 10g/t are re-assayed using AA25 ore-grade method, and samples >100g/t are re-assayed using AA25 / Over Limit Dilution method.