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Synonyms for lime

a caustic substance produced by heating limestone

a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds

any of various related trees bearing limes

the green acidic fruit of any of various lime trees

spread birdlime on branches to catch birds


cover with lime so as to induce growth

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References in classic literature ?
Davis had declared limes a contraband article, and solemnly vowed to publicly ferrule the first person who was found breaking the law.
Amy rose to comply with outward composure, but a secret fear oppressed her, for the limes weighed upon her conscience.
Bring with you the limes you have in your desk," was the unexpected command which arrested her before she got out of her seat.
It's perfectly maddening to think of those lovely limes," sighed Amy, with the air of a martyr.
I'll have a grand feast, for I haven't tasted a lime this week.
All flashed indignant or appealing glances at the inexorable Davis, and one passionate lime lover burst into tears.
It was bestowed (Mr Inspector having proposed as an appropriate sentiment 'The lime trade
It slid before the Lime Rock, blotted out Ida Lewis's little house, and passed across the turret in which the light was hung.
Limes are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C, which has been shown in studies to shorten and alleviate symptoms of the common cold in physically active people, and provide significant effects against pneumonia and other infections, though more research is needed (Nutrients, 2017).
ABSTRACT: This piece of research was conducted to provide guidance and help to the conservation architects for the preparation of appropriate lime mortar for the conservation of stone masonry.
Maybe it's because, lacking a supply of limes, these restaurants use lemon or calamansi instead, which isn't the same at all.
Worse yet, operators say that the limes that are available now are smaller and drier, so they don't yield as much juice.
Alaska Airlines stopped putting limes in in-flight beverages a couple of weeks ago.