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having no limbs


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Even before the war had ended, it had been established in the Prince of Wales' constitution that it would eventually serve not just wounded servicemen but also limbless civilians, from adults who had been injured working in mining or in factories to children who had been either born with deformed or missing limbs or had suffered an accident or illness that had led to the loss of deformation of limbs.
He also dedicates much of his time to visiting soldiers left injured in con-flict and their families through his work as welfare officer with the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association.
But in April, he broke his right leg skydiving in California with the British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association.
UK charities, The Limbless Association, Limbcare and LimbPower are marking the day by taking part in an event in Chelmsford, Essex, organised by Chelmsford City Council and Anglia Ruskin University, which takes place on 1 December 2012 on the University campus.
They did all this to raise cash for BLESMA The Limbless Veterans, a charity which supports all limbless servicemen and women and their families.
The 683-mile trek is in aid of BLESMA, the charity for limbless servicemen and women and their families.
Soon, they will be leafless, limbless clusters of sticks looking as if they've been hit by a bomb.
McCarthy's installation, which features a headless and limbless plaster body slopped across an institutional folding table, at first glance suggests an autopsy.
Not only does the industry recognize the unbeatable quality of the Rayman(R) series, but the public has validated Ubi Soft and the limbless little creature's claim to fame as well.
Now, bear in mind this is the guy that made Eraserhead which, if you've not seen it, is the post-apocalyptic tale of a man (that's him on the right) who lives in a dingy one-room apartment with his child - a mutant limbless reptile covered in bandages - and believes a woman with hugely distended cheeks lives in his radiator.
While artificial body parts (prosthetics) on other ancient Egyptian mummies exist, research shows they were added to limbless bodies after death (to make sure the dead looked whole in the afterlife).
The genes work together to keep fruit fly abdomens limbless.
New Delhi, Feb 23 ( ANI ): Indian scientists have uncovered a completely new family of limbless amphibians, commonly known as caecilians, in the forests in northeastern part of the country.
Any prize-money Accordintolawrence wins will be donated to the show's charity, BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men's Association), who benefited from Teaforthree's winnings last time around.
The group from the British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association (BLESMA) would include two triple amputees and three double amputees.