limbic system

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a system of functionally related neural structures in the brain that are involved in emotional behavior

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If you can shut off the limbic system for just 15 to 20 minutes," Anderson says, "you don't really have the negative effects.
1,2) Due to its unique position, SP developmental abnormalities have a potentially deleterious effect on the overall formation and function of the brain and, in particular, the limbic system.
First, address the emotions emanating from the limbic system.
Research suggests that a whiff of lavender, for example, can lower stress levels through its direct effects on the limbic system.
In modern human beings who are less likely to be lunch for some saber-toothed tiger, the limbic system has evolved into a storehouse for rules of thumb, or heuristics, that we rely on to make most of our routine decisions without really thinking about them.
Anti-Ma2 encephalitis differs from typical paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis for most patients developed combination of the limbic system, diencephalon or brainstem encephalitis.
Maslen also discusses evolutionary psychology, the limbic system, and cognitive processes to help explain the reasoning behind his methods, including a chart of the brain and limbic system.
Later, the limbic system evolved, literally on top of the brain stem, giving us emotions such as lust, anger, fear, and jealousy.
What Docker is suggesting is that the limbic system was the most important part of the brain for a corporation because it is this part that controls behaviour.
The limbic system is a collection of brain structures situated beneath the cerebral cortex that deal with emotion, motivation, and association of emotions with memory.
Topics cover include: Various forms of cortical dysfunctions, such as seizures, disconnection syndrome, coma, and dementia; The role of prefrontal cortex in behavior and attention, introducing the topic of autism; Up-to-date information on the auditory, vestibular, gustatory, and limbic systems; The neurochemistry of the limbic system, memory and associated disorders, and the structural and neuronal circuitry of the hippocampal gyrus; Structural organization and associated pathways of the extrapyramidal system, demonstrating the neurochemical basis of movement disorders, and more.
The limbic system is all about instantaneity--the now--while the prefrontal cortex is all about the future.
The limbic system has been frequently described as the "emotional brain" because of the large part it plays in originating and regulating our emotions and behavior.
Differential Diagnosis: Limbic encephalitis [LE] represents para neoplastic syndrome caused due to non-CNS primary tumors resulting in functional and imaging changes in the limbic system.
In making decisions we rely on two areas of the brain: 1) the limbic system, which creates and processes emotions, and 2) the prefrontal cortex, which governs logical thought.