lima bean plant

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bush or tall-growing bean plant having large flat edible seeds

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We used repeated measures, one-way analysis of variance to compare the numbers of pods and flowers per lima bean plant in fruit thinner-treated and control bean plots (SAS Institute 1996).
Fruit thinner reduced the number of pods per lima bean plant by 71% within 2 d of application, and the number of pods per plant in treated and control plots was significantly different throughout the growing season (treatment X date interaction, [F.
After 20-30 growing days, lima bean plants begin to flower and produce pods in groups of three per node on an indeterminate raceme (Wooten 1994, Nesci 1996).
Individual big-eyed bugs consumed fewer prey when bean plants had pods, and aphid populations were larger when caged with big-eyed bugs on lima bean plants with pods than on pod-free plants (Figs.
Preliminary observations and other studies of insect predation and herbivory suggest that lima bean plants and these prey species might vary in their nutritional quality as food for big-eyed bugs (Champlain and Scholdt 1966, Schumann and Todd 1982, Cohen and Debolt 1983).
To determine the effects of the presence of pods and prey on the dispersal of big-eyed bugs, we monitored the dispersal of adults from lima bean plants with or without prey and with or without pods.
To test the effects of variation in plant quality on the population size of big-eyed bugs, we manipulated the presence of pods on lima bean plants in 20 x 30 m field plots.
Marked big-eyed bugs were significantly more likely to remain on lima bean plants with pods than on plants without pods (14 recaptures and five recaptures, respectively) ([[Chi].