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I'm comfortable in my own lily-white, wobbly skin and though I may not have travelled to the ends of the earth and back, two weeks in Majorca with the hubby and kids was just as much fun.
They lived in a house in the station yard Where trains puffed by with a squeal and a toot, The station now closed, the house boarded up No lily-white sheets to get covered in soot.
Inundating lands along its course, for golden wheat and lily-white rice
Alas for Alex, Haitian custom forbids social contact with anyone outside the family, and lily-white Alex is definitely an outsider.
Geoffrey Clark (author); TWO, TWO, LILY-WHITE BOYS; Red Hen Press (Fiction: Literary) 16.
Another media personality Reid Forgrave added: "And there was Serena - the tennis legend, the winner of 14 individual Grand Slams, the best player of her generation, the American girl being crowned at the All-England Club as the queen of tennis - Crip-Walking all over the most lily-white place in the world.
After 45 years of oppressive military rule, former judge Levy discovered that the West Bank is "not an Occupied Territory" and that the settlement enterprise is a pure, lily-white business.
garden, open-mouthed, bathing his lily-white skin, his body unable
Maybe the torchbearers of a lily-white, idealistic, drug-free society must look a little deeper.
Brights will look especially hot on the beach contrasted against dark, olive or lily-white skin.
But her admiration of those other Cinderellas, the ones their father Richard Williams calls the "ghetto Cinderellas of the lily-white world", knows no bounds.
It is vital that local politicians are lily-white and have the trust and respect of the public but Mr Ahmed has flouted the law and he should step down for the duration of his ban.
Summary: Newcomers to Lebanon ought to be forgiven if over the weekend they were led to believe that top Lebanese leaders are a group of lily-white, peace-loving, multiculturalists who would go to great lengths to preserve stability and inter-communal harmony in this country.
This three-volume revised edition presents information on 225 "ethnic" writers of the United States, by which the editors apparently mean not lily-white, as there are no, say, Irish American or Lithuanian American writers included.
Now America has elected its first non-white president and his lily-white veep.