lily turf

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Asiatic perennial tufted herb with grasslike evergreen foliage and clusters of dark mauve grapelike flowers

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There are two species seen in the nursery trade, big blue lily turf (Liriope muscari), growing up to 2 feet tall, and creeping lily turf (Liriope spicata).
Rivaling them for shade tolerance are the Hawaiian elf umbrella tree (Schefflera arboricola) and lily turf (Liriope muscari).
It is a curious plant that serves as comic relief in the deep shade garden, which is often a somber, colorless affair composed of ivy, aspidistra and lily turf.
Lily turf creeps in and among other common plants, such as impatiens and leatherleaf fern.
Interspersed among the flaxes as ground cover is blue fescue (Festuca ovina 'Glauca'), dwarf lily turf (Liriope spp.
Variegated lily turfs, especially Liriope muscari ``Silver Queen,'' are used successfully as edging plants in long, shady borders.