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includes species sometimes divided among the following families: Alliaceae

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The insecticidal dust is made from the seeds of a small perennial bulb in the Lily family. Commercial supplies come from South and Central America.
Barrowman will portray Julius Ashford Lily, "the charming son of the Lily family, who has reigned over New York's elite for decades, but a recent family scandal has undermined their fortunes both financially and socially."
Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis): Aloe vera belongs to the lily family yet strongly resembles a cactus and requires the same treatment--dry, sandy soil and full sun.
Garlic (Allium sativum) is a member of the lily family and is rich in sulfur compounds including thiosulfinates, sulfoxides, and dithiins.
The thorny edge of its leaves gives the plant a cactus-like appearance, but it is really a member of the lily family. Inside the leaves is a thick gel that is responsible for topical applications in which anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing, and skin and hair substantivity properties are claimed.
It was given the name due to the fact that it resembles a palm and the ponytail part is obvious to anyone who has seen them; however, it is actually part of the lily family!
Another loss is the Virginia bunchflower (Melanthium virginicum), a member of the lily family with striking stalks of white flowers.
Swamp pink (Helonias bullata) is a wetlands-dwelling member of the lily family that once inhabited areas from New York to Georgia but is now found primarily in New Jersey.
It comes from a cactus-like member of the lily family and is natural to the Gulf countries; you may well have one Aloe Vera plant in your garden without even realizing it.
Spathiphyllum Viscount (a hybrid from the Peace Lily family).
This member of the lily family loves cold and needs partial shade to thrive.
food facts ASPARAGUS is a member of the lily family
Trilliums are members of the lily family with eight species found in New York.
Garlic's botanical name (Allium sativum) comes from Celtic for "hot" or "burning" and Latin for "cultivated." Though dubbed "the stinking rose," garlic actually is a member of the lily family, cousin to onions, leeks, chives and shallots.
The Solomon's Seals are members of the Lily family. These perennials grow from spreading rootstalks to form thick groundcovers.