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Synonyms for lilt

Synonyms for lilt

a jaunty rhythm in music


Related Words

articulate in a very careful and rhythmic way

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Biomodulation using LILT instigates both direct and indirect effects.
Mac Suntints SPF/ FPS20 Liquid Lip Balm in Lilt of Lily | pounds 11.50 The liquid balm is quite sticky but doubles up as a lip gloss offering a hint of colour and shimmer while keeping lips soft and fending off the sun.
Misguided Ghosts has an acoustic lilt, All I Wanted is dramatic light and shade, and Decode an ambitious anthem.
His voice is a soulful Terence Trent Darby rasp one minute, a tender Scottish lilt the next, fitting snugly round covers of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy and The Lovin' Spoonful's Daydream.
Schizophrenia, it was explained to my father on my diagnosis, affects one per cent of the world population irrespective of their genes, race or lilt experience.
Fans of Cliff, whose famous Rhondda lilt commented on THAT Gareth Edwards' try against the All Blacks in 1973, will be overjoyed to hear that his famous voice might one day make a comeback.
We swoon for the lilt of Sean Connery, can't bear to listen to Tony Blair or David Beckham, and would least like to talk like a Brummie, according to a new speech survey.
On her first solo album in eight years, this chanteuse still has the easy lilt that inspires favorable comparisons to Billie Holiday.
Linguistic areas in which the coach may be helpful to the singer include diction (the correct choice of vowel and consonant sounds, suitably produced), what is sometimes called the "lilt" of the language (how the language is inflected; how it flows; which syllables, if any, should be stressed and how they should be stressed), translation of the text (if it is in a language foreign to the singer) and interpretation of the text (figuring out what the poem--or prose--really means).
Thomas McGread of Wichita, Kansas spoke on stewardship, which in his charming Irish lilt came out sounding more like "sterdship." McGread's "sterdship," it turned out, differed in other ways as well.
Seal lilt is extended by this superior purging of heat, solids and vapors.
The first movement set the scene with beautifully executed melodies which stood in stark contrast to the folkish lilt in the third movement.
"Latin Americans, especially South Americans, we like to use bright colors; we like our work to breathe color," Morals says in nearly perfect English, with just a bit of a Brazilian lilt to his voice.
Tenders are invited for Major Irrigation Ni/amabad Disi.-Operation & Maintenance of Alisagar Lilt Irrigation Scheme to lilt 720 Cusecs of water from the river Godavari.