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Synonyms for lilliputian

Synonyms for lilliputian

a very small person (resembling a Lilliputian)

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(informal) small and of little importance

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As a senior advisor, Young Sohn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the consumer electronics industry to Lilliputian.
Lilliputian's revolutionary silicon based 'fuel cell on a chip' is the only portable power solution that can deliver a true form factor replacement for Lithium-Ion batteries," said Jeff Andrews, partner at Atlas Venture, a Lilliputian Systems investor.
She much prefers lowly Horatio (Jason Segel), but Lilliputian law dictates that only someone who commits an heroic deed can ask for her hand in marriage.
uk) offers the ultimate in Lilliputian bathroom fittings.
These teetering groupings of sundry materials (broken glassware, clothing, bread, oyster shells, and other debris), many covered in loosely poured paint, portray lilliputian worlds of apparently debased human behavior.
In their Lilliputian context, that egg is huge, almost the width of the mother's body It hatches into a baby lizard about three-quarters the size of an adult.
Several local companies, including Protonex, Green Fuel Technologies, Konarka, and Lilliputian, among others, have collectively raised more than $50 million in venture funding in just the past 18 months.
While the Little Girl made her way up James Street and past the Town Hall, passing down Castle Street and Victoria Street before emerging in the main Saturday afternoon shopping streets of Whitechapel and Liverpool One, her uncle was passing Lime Street station on a long walk towards the Bombed Out Church - his Lilliputian helpers working tirelessly to keep his giant diver's feet moving.
Each is taking a day and a half to make and all the little cassocks, copes, mitres and stoles have given my workroom the appearance of a Lilliputian vestment supplier.
A robust fellow in A Mare's Nest, 2000, becomes queen, clown, and martyr, done up in an elaborate wig/halo and ruffled "collar," a collage of Lilliputian architectural renderings, corporate logos, flora and fauna, and the int ertwined limbs of tiny wrestlers and bodybuilders.
Dental wear on the teeth, among other evidence, indicates that the lilliputian skull belonged to a nearly full-grown or adult Hadrocodium.
Fully charged it gives 12 hours of playtime and this lilliputian machine produces great sound levels.
As you've probably guessed, these Lilliputian edifices aren't cheap, but they might just hit the nail on the head.
Caught in his confrontation with some greater power, he turns away from the viewer, perhaps in self-horror, perhaps unaware that his body is a swarm of Lilliputian exhibitionists, tireless multipliers of sexual urge.
Drawing: (color -- cover) no caption (giant Tiger Woods tied down by lilliputian figures)