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Synonyms for likeliness

the probability of a specified outcome

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A favourable scent can even improve a customer's perception of product quality, in turn increasing their likeliness to purchase and their willingness to pay more.
This highlights any corneal ectasia and informs the optometrist of the likeliness of the patient having keratoconus.
Especially in the technology sector, there is always the likeliness of a major project taking a backseat as a result of a sudden invention or innovation.
There is good competition among the Islamic microfinance players to capture a larger share of the market there is likeliness of mergers and acquisitions amongst the existing players and new entrants coming into the market.
WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (KUNA) -- The US Federal Reserve voted Wednesday to keep key interest rates unchanged since its last meeting in July, but said the likeliness for an increase has "strengthened.
NICE Customer Journey Optimization uses predictive and real-time analytics as well as patented machine learning technologies to identify customer behavior patterns and help determine customers' next move, likeliness to churn, or interest in a particular product or offer.
But then, Wales will be losing the funding from the EU for new businesses when we leave the EU and the likeliness of getting that cash from the Government is pretty slim.
On the back of a 16-16 draw against Warrington Wolves, which kept their slim hopes alive, James Webster's side will be hoping to carry their top 8 dream going for another week, although the likeliness is that both them and the Giants will be competing in the Middle 8s in the summer.
and the likeliness of substituting under each of these circumstances.
But you'd obviously not drive it that way, given its likeliness to a gentlemen's club on wheels with its exterior sheet metal curves and swoops and gorgeous leather and real wood trim interiors, you let the car glide rather than race, making a bigger statement on the road.
8 times greater likeliness of survival to hospital discharge and a 3.
Having two immigrant parents increases substantially the likeliness of a lowest class belonging.
The correlation coefficient can be used to analyse the likeliness criteria of two signals.
Although an exact likeness might not always be possible, especially with regard to buildings that have been altered over time, the characteristic of likeliness remains important, not only because of the public's emotional attachment to the past, but also in keeping with the heritage property's historicity.