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(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings

easy to like


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10) Given his increasingly darkening mood, it's very difficult to imagine Allen ever making another movie as relentlessly cheerful as Everyone Says I Love You (1996), a romantic comedy that completely earns its wackily happy conclusion by presenting two-dimensional characters who are nonetheless likeably human and by drawing from the Marx Brothers' movies' capacity to never completely satirize characters so completely that the movies nullify them.
But Krones manages to paint a likeably authentic picture based on an active dialogue with the various target groups involved - customers and their employees, journalists, job applicants and its own staff.
Gardner is likeably unpretentious in this regard, but at the same time three-hundred pages of what amounts to a lightly ornamented travel itinerary runs a little dry.
Desalination is considered a novel idea in the world for its usefulness to make water drinkable as well as to generate electricity, through its cost is likeably weighed against benefits it gives.
Likeably blokey, O Briain is on track to become a national treasure.
Far from it - she's warm, funny and likeably selfdeprecating, fully recognising the self-indulgent nature of the confessional songwriter's art.
Martin-Laval, looking and acting like a younger Albert Brooks, makes an undemonstrative lead; most of the pic's energy comes from its distaff cast, led by the perky Bejo (from retro spy spoof "OSS 117") and likeably goofy Courau.
As a driving machine, the Prius likeably displays all the usual Toyota attributes, with fine poise and grip and a sophisticated ride that soaks up all road imperfections.
Nature does not exactly let herself go in that part of Lancashire, but there is something likeably plain-spoken about it.
Higgs's sensibility in general is likeably catholic: Fired by the eclectic enthusiasms of an omnivorous fan, he is also fascinated by observing what happens when the spotlight is swung away from center stage and into the wings or the crowd--or even out of the theater altogether.
Her major label debut, Soviet Kitsch, is likeably unusual, but it's also a little uneven.
Carrell plays Andy Stitzer, the title character, as such a likeably insecure salesman that the film is more good-natured than gross.
One could, of course, go on: How about this homegrown knack for likeably bland, fleetingly bankable hunks, from Glenn Ford to Keanu Reeves and Justin Priestley?
All the characters are likeably dislikeable and any of them could be revealed as the red devil.
But is a man whose humour and likeably shambolic persona have helped him shrug off past crises fit to lead Britain?