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Synonyms for likeable

(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings

easy to like


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23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Likeable Media is excited to announce its place on the Inc.
London, July 4 (ANI): Voters have rated 'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher as the most capable British Prime Minister of recent decades, but Tony Blair was the most likeable, according to a poll.
The supporting characters are well drawn and likeable, and the loose ends are tied up neatly.
As she gains confidence and self-knowledge, Trish becomes a remarkably likeable and sympathetic character.
As figures as diverse as Betty Shabazz, Orpheus and Fat Albert stand and fall alongside one another, the persona of the poet also emerges, quirky and likeable, a palatable version of black masculinity unavoidably juxtaposed with contemporary media images of gun-toting, boisterous endangered black male predators.
s "warm and likeable business image"; loyal "cult following among runners, cyclists and climbers"; "flashy, innovatively designed Web site.
The brief nature of the books in the series does not allow for all that much development, but Turk is likeable and readers will relate to his relationship with his parents and his quest to get the girl.
It's likeable, gentle stuff starring Clement Mathieu, the type of thing that you'd get on TV over the Easter Bank Holiday (if you lived in France.
Elder has created a highly likeable story--and after all, what kid wouldn't want his own ninja?
is very likeable, and his relationship with the virus character provides a supernatural spin.
Sellwood's spirited, solid performance brings out the likeable and humorous side of Cornwell's brusque hero and gives unique voices to several other key characters.
The other woman he meets, Cath Kennedy, aka Miss Misery, is also a likeable though far more worldly character.
Fortunately for authors, enough cold, hard facts about the real-life heroine's life are lost so that the protagonist can be far more outspoken, brave, educated, and likeable than her prototype might have been.
Once readers suspend their disbelief in the between-world transport, they will probably enjoy the action and the likeable characters.
Spirited and likeable, she comes across as a real girl dealing with believable issues.