like mad

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Synonyms for like mad

with great speed or effort or intensity

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and flirting like mad with Chris, the hottest guy in my grade.
I've been driving around in it and most people just stare but if there's a group of kids, they cheer like mad.
Beyond the currency of hipness (meaningless now that sitcoms like Mad about You crack Leni Riefenstahl jokes, and good ones at that), Tarantino does have a few qualities that set him apart from most of today's "cutting hedge" filmmakers: a true directorial eye, a terrific rapport with actors, a pulse.
To all those out in the house applauding like mad at her new gimmicks, I say - nay, I beg - for heaven's sake, let Lucinda be Lucinda.
I'm wishing like mad to have it continue from now on,'' Welch said at the graduation ceremony.