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(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings

easy to like


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Using a methodological paradigm similar to Jones and Gordon (1972), they found that, compared to optimistic participants, pessimists gave lower likability ratings for targets who revealed responsibility for a certain academic event, regardless of the event's valence (positive/good fortune or negative/bad fortune).
For Trump and Christie, Name ID Outpacing Likability
Odom's likability saw steep plunges when marrying Kardashian, the premiere of his reality show "Khloe and Lamar" in both the first and second seasons and leaving the Dallas Mavericks.
This reflection involves the king's likability, his public domestic policies and his international public policy.
If you ever feel like voir re forcing conversations or missing out on networking opportunities, you 11 appreciate the tools and strategies offered in The 11 Laws of Likability.
Its message demonstrated "patriotism," according to Ace Metrix, and the September 11th Tribute ads' persuasion, likability and attention scores were instrumental in distancing them from other ads in the categories.
But even in August, Kim's likability was low, generally and amongst her reality starring cohorts," he said.
That's the feeling that I had when I read The 11 Laws of Likability by Michelle Tillis Lederman (AMACOM, 2011).
Successful pitches depend on two characteristics: likability and preparation.
Results of Analysis of Variance--Differences by Model Gender and Vignette Type Male Overall Participants Likability F Value 4.
Graham, Harvey, and Puri conducted a study in which participants viewed photographs and, using a one-to-five scale, rated people whom they had never seen on competence, trustworthiness, beauty, and likability.
Supplier favorites, based both on retail performance and on the likability of the staffers with whom suppliers interact most frequently, are Duane Reade (in an astonishing turnaround that has a drug chain that, until recently, suppliers dismissed as irrelevant suddenly emerging as one of the supplier community's darlings), Kerr Drug (boasting an executive and merchandising staff second to none in professionalism and likability), Bartell Drugs (ditto), Publix, Food Lion and a bunch of others that are just plain fun for the supplier community, even if their business ranking isn't necessarily in the top 10.
The researchers used ratings gathered by Ad Meter, a real-time consumer likability ranking of television commercials.
It's time for American voters to grow up and realize that likability may not be a very important criterion for selecting a president.
The film benefits greatly from Bullock's lead performance, which manages to combine likability with a smattering of teary-eyed emotion, so we instantly sympathise with her beleaguered heroine's plight.