lignum vitae

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hard greenish-brown wood of the lignum vitae tree and other trees of the genus Guaiacum

small evergreen tree of Caribbean and southern Central America to northern South America

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Traditional woods are made of lignum vitae - a very hard wood.
The interest of this rewarding, rich piece is heightened by a useful appendix documenting for future scholars the circulation of the Lignum Vitae throughout medieval Europe.
Lignum vitae is the name given to wood from trees of the genus Guaiacum, which are all now considered endangered species.
The 17th century wassail bowls made of beautiful lignum vitae stood proud on the side tables in the main banqueting hall, which now some 400 years later has become the entertaining lounge.
Gwyn still uses his set of 1950s bowls made of heavy, lignum vitae wood from the West Indies.
Assistant sales manager Ken Lupton said that what made the company so unique was its ability to restore and repair original Lignum Vitae bowls.
Pieces of treen can be bought for as little as pounds 20-30 or in excess of pounds 10,000 for a 17th-century lignum vitae wassail bowl.
Very early examples in lignum vitae are highly desirable but there are also examples in maple.
I can clearly remember the day I stood in front of a lignum vitae tree, considering long which of its branches would do me more good than harm.
What wood has the Latin name Lignum vitae, meaning 'wood of life'?
It is called pau d'arco, greenheart, iron tree, ironwood, Surinam, lignum vitae and sometimes ipe.