lignum vitae

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hard greenish-brown wood of the lignum vitae tree and other trees of the genus Guaiacum

small evergreen tree of Caribbean and southern Central America to northern South America

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Traditional woods are made of lignum vitae - a very hard wood.
1328), verifica-se uma serie de transcricoes e interpolacoes, tendo como um dos fios condutores o Lignum vitae e a Legenda sancti Francisci de sao Boaventura.
Wassailing Bowls have been crafted in Lignum Vitae and Elm, pewter and silver and they are still made today but the original ones can command thousands of pounds at auction.
She suggests the brothers were revolutionary in that they embraced the abundance of new materials made available by the explosion of Pacific trade, particularly tropical hardwoods like teak and lignum vitae.
Gully root, lignum vitae tea, bitter root are just frills.
The interest of this rewarding, rich piece is heightened by a useful appendix documenting for future scholars the circulation of the Lignum Vitae throughout medieval Europe.
I can clearly remember the day I stood in front of a lignum vitae tree, considering long which of its branches would do me more good than harm.
What wood has the Latin name Lignum vitae, meaning 'wood of life'?
It is called pau d'arco, greenheart, iron tree, ironwood, Surinam, lignum vitae and sometimes ipe.
And many Australian dryland wattles appear to be harder than the hardest recorded timber: a species called Lignum vitae.
It is also a very hard and heavy wood, even more so than lignum vitae, or ironwood.