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Lignum Interiors is working in association with leading international architects on the important project.
Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni (Meliaceae)), Cedar [Juniperus barbadensis (Cupressaceae)], Braziletto [Caesalpinia vesicaria (Fabaceae)], Lignum Vitae or Ironwood [Guaiacum sanctum (Zygophyllaceae)], Mastic [Syderoxylon foetidissidum (Sapotaceae)]] are currently rare or mostly have small size individuals in the wild as they have been overexploited.
Organized under the auspices of the Woodworking Centre of Ontario at Conestoga College, the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing at the University of British Columbia, the Wood Manufacturing Council, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Lignum Consulting and Woodworking Network, the event is also supported by the Bluewater Wood Alliance.
Brazilin (1), Brazilein (2) and Sappanone B (3) from the Chinese drug Sappan Lignum, the heartwood of Caesalpinia sappan L.
The presentation was attended by representatives of GKM, a Ministry of Economy of Hercegovina Neretva Canton, directors of BIH companies LIGNUM (design and manufacture of furniture), NEOSOFT (IT), HERING (design and construction), SKUTOR, (manufacturing tools for cutting metal and wood), and representatives of Swedish companies DIRECTIT (IT Sweden), BJS-Sweden (wood processing) and others.
Another businessman, Eugene Bosch, director of the company Lignum (which produces furniture, doors, posts for fences and decks for gardens), said that besides the US, El Salvador is also an important destination and that local demand has improved.
15) Nempe tu, mihi qui imperitas, alii servis miser atque duceris ut nervis alienis mobile lignum.
500 BC-AD 1500) (Berman 1992; Newsom 1993: 148; Pearsall 2002:114, 118, 134; Righter 2002: 301) but was also a source of various cures-as befitting its common title, lignum vitae, the 'wood of life'.
A remote controlled electric gate opens on to the driveway which leads to the house that makes an eye-catching impression thanks to its zinc and Lignum cladding.
53) In Jamaica, enslaved people worked primarily in sugar cane fields, but also harvested a variety of crops such as coffee, indigo, pimento, cotton, fustick, lignum vitae, and ginger.
They run very true and can also be made lighter than traditional woods, which are made of lignum vitae.
22) Vedasi a riguardo Arbor vitae di Ubertino da Casale e il Lignum Vitae e l' Officium de Passione Domini di S.
Wassailing Bowls have been crafted in Lignum Vitae and Elm, pewter and silver and they are still made today but the original ones can command thousands of pounds at auction.
In order to prevent wavering of the platform while persons were mounting or dismounting, Dando adjusted the steps Kilanyi had presumably used so that they fitted just under the revolving table; and he fixed to their top 'an India rubber or lignum vitae wheel' positioned so that, when the revolving platform begins to turn or any extra weight is exerted right over the steps, the rubber or wooden wheel will take the weight and prevent any untoward movement; (34)