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tall Australian acacia yielding highly valued black timber

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The victim, who cannot be named for legal reason, described Lightwood exposing "his privates".
Lightwood, who used to work as a caretaker in a monastery, was arrested and denied everything.
Sri Lanka's strong heritage in woodcarving can be seen in a variety of wood sculptures- from statues of Buddhas and animal figures made of ebony, palu, sandalwood, gam-malu and na, to luck-enhancing wooden masks fashioned from the lightwood kaduru.
Jailing Aqsar, of Lightwood, Staffs, the judge at Stokeon-Trent crown court said: "One can only imagine her feelings - turmoil, terror, worry and anguish."
Even her reliable conspirators occasionally joke about the necessity of going along with Tippins's fictions of respectability, as when Wrayburn and Lightwood (the latter being the most often added to and promoted in and stricken out of Tippins's book of lovers) leave a police station in which a drunken woman was "shrieking most terrifically for some other woman's liver." "Not much worse than Lady Tippins," whispers Wrayburn (67).
Richard Lightwood, 37, of Barker's Lane, Borras, was subject to a suspended prison sentence from the crown court at the time.
Damien Lightwood, 28, burst into 79-year-old Maya Corbett's bedroom and smothered her face with a pillow before beating her repeatedly on the head, Cardiff Crown Court heard.
Supt Peter Lightwood, from West Mercia Police, said it was a surprise no one had been killed.
Lightwood, Ph.D., the lead investigator on the second meta-analysis.
Little Amie Lightwood has been loving the new recipes her gran has been cooking.
It has an entrance hallway, lounge with built-in storage and dining kitchen with lightwood units on the ground floor.
Lightwood Lady (4.55 Gowran Park, nap) Came good when landing a six-furlong maiden last month having shown ability on a few starts.
David Smith, 26, known as Squibbs, of Lightwood Avenue, Scotswood, pleaded guilty to four burglaries and was jailed for two-and-a-half years.
| For more information, please contact director of marketing and admissions Henrietta Lightwood on 07788 289937 or email
According to the same publication, Max Lightwood died in the books from a blow to the head by Sebastian.