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moving easily and quickly

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carefree and happy and lighthearted

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Behind this lightsome couple, so close to the Maypole that its boughs shaded his jovial face, stood the figure of an English priest, canonically dressed, yet decked with flowers, in heathen fashion, and wearing a chaplet of the native vine leaves.
'There, there, Amy!' said the Father, when Young John had closed the door, 'let us say no more about it.' The last few minutes had improved his spirits remarkably, and he was quite lightsome.
So, with lightsome hearts and the happy consciousness of being usefully employed -- in their own behalf at least, if not for our beloved country -- these good old gentlemen went through the various formalities of office.
It reminded me of the padded walls of a room in a mental hospital--not the most lightsome of associations.
The Dippers Dipt begins as Featley lauds the insights of John Calvin, the "Bright burning Taper of Geneva," a man "warm in his Devotions," and "clear and lightsome in his Disputes." (22) Apparently hoping to do the same, Featley opens his dispute by declaring: "Now of all Heretics and Schismatics the Anabaptist in three regards ought to be most carefully looked unto, and severely punished, if not utterly exterminated and banished out of the church and Kingdom." These "three regards" included the following.
lightsome armour" in need of purification (Sermons, "First of Advent," pp.
Time forbids a brief review of additional lightsome tales, but worth mentioning are the frisky double entendres and happy endings of "Mr.
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The contrast between Emily's home and its neighborhood is actually contained within the architecture of the house: it expresses "the heavily lightsome style of the seventies" (119).
Isabella's behavior is differently qualified in each of the translations, ranging from "so inconstant" ("tan inconstante" [Masoliver 162]) to "extremely lightsome" ("harto ligera" [S.L.C.
Composer/ lyricist/co-adaptor Almond was again our host, but Tempest afforded him the perfect tricksy, lightsome, ever-vanishing role in Ariel, Prospero's trusty spirit of the air.
(20) As Burton notes, the melancholy man "loves darkness as life, & cannot endure the light, or to sit in lightsome places," (I, 445).