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not penetrable by light


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The tungsten-filament lamp was fixed in a lightproof aluminum housing with a window, where the long-pass filter was mounted.
The Sterling Hill Mining Museum is now in the early stages of designing a lightproof building to enclose the pillar, to allow viewing of the fluorescent zinc ore during daylight hours, thereby allowing many thousands of visiting school children to see this colorful display every year.
Immediately after specimen preparation, they were stored in lightproof boxes at 37[degrees]C (Etica Equip.
There's also a touch-sensitive remote control that turns on all the room's automated functions, including the bedroom and shower lights, along with video projector, lightproof blinds and interactive TV menu.
The slide was then suspended on a rack above ice water in a lightproof humidity chamber to allow the blood cells to adhere to the slide (the temperature on the rack was 10[degrees]C).
Sherif (1935) used the autokinetic effect, the illusory perception that a point of light in a darkened room is in motion, and asked participants, individually or in groups of two or three, to sit in a lightproof and soundproof room and estimate the distance that a spot of light moves.
'World goes dark' The device, made with fiber optic cable, was placed in the mouths of volunteers who were wearing lightproof goggles and lying in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scanner.
Within each chamber a lightproof partition separated short (9 h, 40 min) and long (12 h, 40 min) day-length conditions.
The outside surface is also protected by a light-shielding label and the bottom has a lightproof pad.
The SICCUP tents had to be rigged to be lightproof at night.
The IE2 is a magnetic encoder that is powerful, resistant to dust contamination, and lightproof.
In the past I have explored the quantum physics paradox of "Schrodinger's Cat" by living in a lightproof soundproof box in the middle of an art gallery for ten days with only drinking water and a mat to sleep on.
He recently hit the headlines when he sealed himself in a lightproof, soundproof box with nothing but drinking water for ten days as a study of the relationship between quantum physics and vipassana meditation.
LIGHTTIGHT, listed in the 10th Collegiate, is defined by giving a synonym, lightproof, which in turn means "impenetrable by light." When written in lowercase, it is spelled entirely with tall letters which extend above or below the line.