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Synonyms for lightness

a feeling of joy and pride

the property of being comparatively small in weight

the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble

having a light color

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the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures

the trait of being lighthearted and frivolous

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This is the kind of lightness I want to talk about today.
Developed, not only to push the boundaries of lightness but to also challenge gravity, the Litesphere collection complements the hectic and highly-demanding lifestyle of the business globetrotter in style.
The hypotheses were the following: HO1: There is no difference in the lightness of teeth exposed to LTAPP plus 36% H2O2 gel compared to those with 36% H2O2 gel alone.
If the visual system relied only on ratios to determine surface lightness, then the ratio of checkerboard intensities the participants reported should have had the same ratio as that of the black and white samples on the reflectance scale, about 100-to-1.
This essay examines how structural lightness is created in At Swim-Two-Birds through the subtraction of weight from its characters and narrative structure.
Other companies prefer 25[degrees] 45[degrees], and 75[degrees] One method for QC is to measure lightness differences (dL) from a standard at the three angles with a spectrophotometer.
Yet there was plenty of lightness, too -- especially from principal woodwind players Ariana Ghez (oboe), Michele Zukovsky (clarinet) and Anne Diener Zentner (flute).
On March 15, Helmut Jahn, president of Chicago-based Murphy/Jahn, will describe his approach of "Archi-Neering" in which his team of collaborators create high-tech material and structural solutions in steel and glass that offer lightness as well as high-energy efficiencies.
For a long time she enjoys him only as a companion who swims with her in the lake; but once he saves her life by offering himself as a sacrifice, she learns to have concern for others, returns his love, and loses her lightness.
The lightness of the tensile structures forms a delightful foil to Lacoste's massive, limestone walls, and, in particular, to the brooding ruins of a castle occupied by the infamous Marquis de Sade, who lived in the town during the late eighteenth century.
After countless translations and a celebrated 1988 film version, Milan Kundera's novel "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" is finally seeing the light of day in the author's Czech homeland.
Change in hue derived from luminance variations (and, consequently, lightness variations) is usually called the "Bezold-Brucke" effect (hereafter the B-B effect).
We test-drove the XLR from San Francisco to the Napa Valley--plenty of time to get the feel of the smooth ride and check out the XLR's nuances, Despite computerized traction, steering, and stability controls, we detected some mild body roll over uneven highway pavement and a bit of lightness in the front end at higher speeds--but as we became more familiar with the vehicle, enchantment set in.
Scherzo" requires lightness in fingerwork and pedaling.
more; part of the reason for its lightness are thixoformed magnesium frame and hardware components.