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  • noun

Synonyms for lighting

the act of physically illuminating or the condition of being filled with light

Synonyms for lighting

having abundant light or illumination


Related Words

apparatus for supplying artificial light effects for the stage or a film

the craft of providing artificial light

the act of setting something on fire

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Somehow the lighting for that--really the whole thing--was just perfect.
Academy Lighting (Lights On), Arrow Electronics, Bartco Lighting, Boca Flasher, Bruck Lighting/Wila Lighting, B-K Lighting, Color Kinetics, Design Plan, Edison Price, evo Solid State Lighting (Renaissance Lighting), GELcore (GE), io lighting, Illumivison, Intense Lighting, iLight Technologies, Jesco, LED Lighting Fixtures, I Lighting Services, Louis Poulsen Lighting, Lutron, Next Generation Lighting, Nichia America Corporation, Philips, Prescolite, Safe T Glow, Signtex Lighting, Traxon Technologies, TPR Enterprises, The Dulanski Group, Winona Lighting, Zumtobel Lighting will have products on display.
lighting scientist Richard Hansler, now at John Carroll University in Cleveland, has teamed with academic colleagues to develop such blue-canceling glasses.
Beauty aside, outdoor lighting also should be functional.
Calkins: On the most basic level, the goal of lighting design for older adults is to increase foot-candles, which are units of illumination on a surface, without increasing glare.
Solar lights of this type are not bright enough for major outdoor illumination, but they're great for accent lighting.
By combining the two technologies acquired from these leading solid-state lighting research institutes, we are positioned to introduce breakthrough lighting products to the entire lighting industry," observed Mark D.
Yet most of that lighting depends on technological dinosaurs.
The latest lighting trend is to use various ``layers of light'' to improve visibility, as well as to add a sense of drama to a room.
Following a review of your current lighting conditions and needs, our Certified Lighting Management Consultants (CLMCs) make recommendations to improve the quality of light at your facility.
The city has one of the best lighting ordinances in the country, and, not coincidentally, the highest concentration of observatories in the world.
Repeat Steps 2 to 4 three more times, each time increasing the lighting time by one second.
Only technological limitations prevented a more perfect union, and today computer technology that makes ever more sophisticated lighting equipment possible can unite artistic imagination with the means of expressing it as never before.
Companies to Jointly Develop LED Lighting Fixtures for More Than 130 Restaurant Locations
He presents some of the data that he and Case collected in a chapter in Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting (Island Press, 2006).