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the fee charged for carrying goods in lighters

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the transportation of goods on a lighter

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The Johnson Lighterage Company, while it may not be strictly a common carrier[,] .
In 2003 Marinette Marine was awarded a fixed-price contract for the production of the Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS).
In the JLOTS scenario, the lighterage causeway can measure up to 3000 feet.
Coast Guard team off the Coast Guard Cutter Oak, managing scheduling and berthing; elements of the 7th Sustainment Brigade Lighterage Control Center; a company of 82nd Airborne Soldiers providing port security; Naval Divers and various other segmented elements of our services.
These included legacy Army and Navy lighterage, the improved Navy lighterage system (INLS), Army and Navy landing craft utility, lighter amphibious resupply cargo amphibians, tugs, utility boats, and a large logistics support vessel.
It was necessary to provide for storage, command and control, defense and security (ashore as well as in the harbor), Public Works shops to maintain and repair what was soon to be a huge population of 850 pieces of transportation equipment and 250 pieces of MHE, small boat repair facilities for 30 yard and service craft and 85 pieces of lighterage such as LCUs, LCM-8s, hundreds of pieces of electronic gear for what was to become a major communication facility, berthing and messing and other personnel support services for what was soon to be NAVSUPPACT's 7,800 military population.
The 28 March 2008 edition of Rhumb Lines, a weekly Navy Office of Information e-mail circular for senior Navy leadership, reported the impact of such additional sea-base platforms as the Improved Navy Lighterage System, a redesigned floating-dock system originally used during World War II, in its first operational deployment.
Summary: ALGIERS - The terms and conditions ruling port activities including towing, handling and lighterage were amended by an executive decree issued in the latest official gazette.
A huge turn-table and crane assisted in unloading large containers from small ships called lighterage and loading trucks, which moved the containers to the shore.
Our backlog of government projects remains solid as well, with work on the Navy's Improved Naval Lighterage System ramping up to offset the delivery of the Littoral Combat Ship FREEDOM later this year.
Built in 1913 at Montrose, Kerne (which means Gaelic footsoldier) was retired by the Liverpool Lighterage Co in 1970 and saved from scrap by the North Western Steamship Co, formed by enthusiasts for the task.
Sutherland wrote that incidental costs had been incurred for 'extra lighterage, extra tugs, extra expenses from transhipping and coaling, Health Office expenses, and when the crew are landed to perform quarantine, for labour in moving the ship, etc'.
Rolling stock was moved to the roll-on/roll-off discharge facility and Navy lighterage.
893 (1937) (expenditure incurred to construct a publicly owned breakwater for the purpose of increasing taxpayer's freight lighterage operation).
a) port services to vessels engaged in internal navigation operations, such as towing barges, anchorage and lighterage,