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electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity

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At Sengled, we believe the lightbulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better for modern consumers," said Johnson Shen, CEO of Sengled.
David Henzell, of Lightbulb, said: "A lovely client of ours, Huddersfieldbased Brighter Connections, has handled the coding for the voting system for a couple of years now.
People still need lightbulbs and needles and thread - but they're going elsewhere to find them.
Preetam Maji, facilities supervisor at Dubai Knowledge Village, inserts an old lightbulb into a recycling machine.
Kirk must make an emergency stop at the next uncharted planet, Alpha Regula IV, to procure a lightbulb it from the natives.
In Amy Sillman's recent exhibition titled "Transformer (or, how many lightbulbs does it take to change a painting?
On going to replace the thing, I found out that the bulb was an obscure type - a three-pin bayonet connection that refuses to take any standard lightbulb.
Newcastle chemist Joseph Swan, pictured, invented the lightbulb in 1879 and that has gone on to illuminate the world ever since.
THE 100w incandescent lightbulb is to be phased out from today as part of a European Union drive to curb climate change and save on energy bills.
If you're using that lightbulb for 8 hours a day and your electric rates are $.
However, as rays emitted from a lightbulb aren't strictly parallel, it gets confused and tries to correct its direction by turning in flight.
Simply by choosing the right lightbulb, I can save energy.
The invention that first made Thomas Alva Edison famous wasn't the lightbulb but the phonograph.
This evolution of development strategies has positioned Lumen Software's Hyper-Portal, Lumenation environment/framework and its SDK, LightBulb very favorably.