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the distance that light travels in a vacuum in 1 year

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1 billion light-years ago and last year a California team using Hubble said they saw a galaxy from 13.
4 light-years separating the Sun from its nearest stellar neighbor, the triple star Alpha Centauri.
The new portrait, a mosaic of 520 razor-sharp Hubble images supplemented by ground-based observations, includes some 3,000 stars packed into a region 13 light-years across.
However, it's often important in modern astrophysics to know the light-crossing time of a given distance--and if the distance is given in light-years, there you are.
Interestingly, Markarian 509 in Aquarius is much closer at 490 million light-years and shines at magnitude 13.
html) photo  taken by the Hubble Space Telescope shows the nebula, which is more than 7,000 light-years away and hangs out in the constellation Cassiopeia.
The astronomers gazed at stars 153 light-years (895,000 billion miles) from earth.
A star so turbulent that its eruptions would spread a cloud of gases spanning four light-years, the distance from the sun to the nearest star.
With our current technologies, we now have the ability to optically view images within a range of a few inches to light-years away.
Recent estimates, using a wide variety of 'standard candles,' range from just under 40 million light-years to somewhat over 70 million.
A resident of the constellation Leo, the newly discovered galaxy called Leo T is only about 600 light-years across--about one-sixteenth the diameter of the Milky Way--and 50,000 times brighter than the sun.
The newly detected supernova is 440 million light-years from Earth, and it appears in the sky in the constellation Aries.
The newly discovered plume of antimatter rises some 3,500 light-years above the disk of Earth's galaxy, which is about 100,000 light-years across.
AchievementPlus(TM) is literally light-years ahead of any Internet-based system available today.