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having little skin pigmentation

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His mother was a light-skinned mestiza and his father was dark-skinned.
The light-skinned man approached us with a knife in his hands and at this moment I was shaking with fear.
v=YmfH3XZ7mT0) called his former light-skinned teammate Kris Humphries "soft," a player who "pretends" to be tough.
Parents have been known to request light-skinned child-care providers for their children.
All registered attendees will get a complimentary copy of Kiara's book Light-SKinned, Dark-Skinned or In-Between.
Summary: Mexico's Aeromexico airline and its ad agency have apologised for a producer's casting call requesting that only light-skinned people apply as actors for a television commercial.
The second suspect, a light-skinned man with long curly hair and wearing a hoodie who police said was the bombing suspect identified wearing a white hat, was still at large Friday morning.
One thing that has remained a constant, however, is the preference for featuring light-skinned women in music videos.
Zahra is a light-skinned Asian female with dark brown hair and brown eyes.
But critics claim he was light-skinned enough to pass himself off as white and used his Irish heritage to further his career.
Children in the study were asked to associate characters in stories to pictures of dark- and light-skinned people.
In some songs, including "Veiled Aristocrats" (about light-skinned blacks passing for white), he tackles the issues head on, in others, such as "The Betrayal," he does it indirectly.
The suspect is of African appearance, is light-skinned, in his early 20s, about 5ft 8in, of slim build, with a slim face and small black or dark brown eyes.
3 : the rosy tint of a light-skinned person's face <They still looked thin and tired, but color had returned to their cheeks.
I am writing in response to the article, "Two Sides: Do Light-Skinned Black People Have An Advantage?