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in a light-hearted manner


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The positioning statement light-heartedly makes clear our willingness and capability to meet need from any market quarter.
They also know that the comments he was to have said to the female referee would have been meant light-heartedly and most women would not have taken offence to this.
While light-heartedly commenting on the social media relationship the leaders of the two countries share, the BJP team told President Rajapaksa that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants "excellent relations with Sri Lanka.
However, there were also some who have taken the post light-heartedly.
What I liked most was that it was dealt with light-heartedly.
Rowling claimed that Hermione, just like her creator, has a weakness for a funny man, as it is such a relief from being so intense herself and therefore she needs someone who takes or appears to take life more light-heartedly.
Saying he was "quite useful" with his thumbs, he light-heartedly compared pressing the trigger to playing video games, provoking an angry reaction from the Taliban.
On an unseasonably warm day in Washington, Obama also light-heartedly recommended that the prime minister take advantage of the nice weather and see some of the sites around the nationas capital.
From his replies to some tweets, Rowland seemed to have taken the confusion light-heartedly and says he is glad to enjoy with his new Saudi friends.
Noda light-heartedly said he was envious that ''people here, excluding me, have been to space,'' according to the ministry.
In these relentlessly combative economic doldrums, we must be thankful for any prospect of schemes able to enhance our financial fortunes - and Liverpool Waters is too significant an opportunity to treat light-heartedly.
Jody Mitic confessed light-heartedly after crossing the finish line at the 2011 Army Run in September.
I know there was a time a few years ago when the PFA forms were treated a little light-heartedly in some dressing rooms.
Neither Martin nor his lawyer would comment yesterday but a guest who attended said: "He obviously meant it light-heartedly and nobody who was there seemed to take any offence.
By following these FIT tips, you'll expand your spiritual reserve instead of your midsection, and you'll step light-heartedly into the New Year.