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Synonyms for light-haired

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes


References in classic literature ?
You saw her with me at Lowick: she is light-haired and very pretty-- at least I think so.
I am a single, light-haired, blue-eyed, white female traveling solo in northern India, with a month left on my visa, and a few days ago, in a high-Himalayan mountain hospital, I found out that I am pregnant.
The identities of the victims is still unknown, but there is speculation on forums the light-haired victim on the right in the video is European.
He leaned back and tapped the big light-haired guy in the photo.
I, a small, brown, Trinidadian girl, with big eyes and thick black hair that fell in braids down my back, looked nothing like the pale-skinned, light-haired characters in the book.
At 12 months, mean hair reduction was 75% for all patients, 72% for light-haired patients, and 76% for dark-haired patients, he reported.
In the last year there were two--Joel is die dark-haired one, and Alejandro is the light-haired one.
The Egyptian actress knows that blondes have it best, so she's decided to join the light-haired club.
The light-haired Aussie actress who has shifted base to America visited her home country Australia to promote "24: Live Another Day," which will be released on October 1.
Television pictures showed the light-haired George Alexander Louis appearing wide awake and calm.
The handful of vaguely light-haired people I saw over there looked to be other westerners, and the one Bengali six-footer I came across was a couple inches shorter than me and probably twenty pounds lighter.
A light-haired woman with enormous blue eyes peers out from among the branches of a tree or some other foliage, whose stems, seeds and petals are all the same hue as her irises.
It might not be a coincidence that the three women who agreed to take up our challenge and go make-up free for a month for this week's WM are light-haired.
This is one for the light-haired and lacking in brow among us EoAC" or anyone looking for serious, long-lasting eyebrow shaping.