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Synonyms for light-green

of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum

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For these choices, at the heart of the advances and compromises that made the light-green society, Bess credits the very humanized nature of France's landscape, a Latin culture more familiar with an urban and rural heritage than any myth of primeval forest, and a Cartesian tradition of detached reasoning.
The insertion of the yellow light-green light concept adds an uncertainty about what the project will be.
Other minerals in the stone are feldspar, quartz and hornblende, which give the stone a light-green tone from different views.
Green lacewings are light-green, winged insects less than 1 inch (2.
Robert Haviland used celadon to strong effect in its elegant Versailles dinnerware pattern, which combines a light-green border with an overlay of a textured white arabesques.
They are designed to be sprayed at a 45% loading and come in colors from gray with black and white highlights to dark green with black and light-green highlights.
He was wearing a loose, light-green suit, beige silk shirt and brown work boots with laces untied.