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Synonyms for light-fingered

Synonyms for light-fingered

having nimble fingers literally or figuratively

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Wahaca are keen to recognise the restraint of those with saintly souls, as well as those light-fingered spoon rustlers.
Light-Fingered Larry is the third book in the Bottlenose Bay series and tells the tale of an octopus who cannot stop stealing from others - his booty includes Captain Rosie's washing from her washing line, jam tarts from the Pond children, and boat-building tools from Boz the Beaver.
However, in the real world there are gangs of light-fingered lowlifes who rely on cunning, the power of misdirection and teamwork to relieve hard-working folks of their cash.
One of the Squire of Pockerley's workers was put in the stocks for the day and townsfolk punished him for his light-fingered ways by throwing wet sponges at him.
Recently, one of the light-fingered drag queens performed a routine at Blu in which he removed the clothes of a fellow drag queen to reveal a prison jumpsuit underneath.
THE green-fingered have been replaced by the light-fingered - Welsh forestry bosses are hunting thieves who have pinched thousands of saplings.
4 billion to shoplifters and light-fingered employees last year.
The light-fingered football fan lifted the coveted trophy while the players enjoyed a night out at the Fox Inn near Tamworth, Staffordshire.
The alarm's deafening shriek goes off for two minutes to scare off any light-fingered visitors.
It turns out Aldi's methods for keeping a check on shrinkage caused by light-fingered staff are arguably a tad on the intrusive side.
When I talk to people about India they're not interested in fascinating anecdotes that feature exploding pigeons and light-fingered apes.
Shampoo, shower caps and sewing kits are the items most frequently taken from hotel rooms by light-fingered guests, it was revealed yesterday.
Light-fingered servants, vendors, doctors, / undertakers, weathermongers--/ most trades depend on speculation.
The Light-Fingered Gang by Dave Glaze (Coteau Books)
Despite warnings to the contrary, many women still insist on hanging their purses from the back of their chair in restaurants, easy prey for a light-fingered thief.