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Synonyms for light-fingered

Synonyms for light-fingered

having nimble fingers literally or figuratively

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He then discovered that the light-fingered culprits had also undertaken the first stages of starting the engine.
The production included "a light-fingered giant panda and gruesome Egyptian mummy," Vickers wrote approvingly.
Now he is back with Keaton, with whom he starred in 2003's Something's Gotta Give Friends say she is helping him get over the tragedy that has befallen his personal life, the stillborn death of his baby and the car accident that killed the baby's mother ROBERT De Niro's light-fingered maid has admitted stealing from the film star's home - but only because his wife, Grace Hightower , was "mean" toher Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz told police she "didn't steal from Isabella Rossellini" - another client - "because she treated me well".
Against the grandeur of the first "great spring show" held by the Royal Horticultural Society at Chelsea in 1913, light-fingered horticulturalists were at work - stealing orchid pollen.
Mr Riat, a 43-year-old teacher, speculated that the light-fingered primate must have been trained to steal phones.
Critics of self-service methods have always emphasised the dangers to be expected from light-fingered customers, but hitherto there has been little in actual experience to support the case they attempted to make out.
The jockey quartered the car park like a man looking for the proverbial in the haystack, by now worrying that some light-fingered Lenny had made off with the keys and the car.
Sowerberry (Vae), to his adventurous days as an apprentice thief under the tutelage of a nefarious trio: the gleefully larcenous Fagin (George McDaniel), congenial, light-fingered pickpocket the Artful Dodger (Darris Dorran) and the murderous master crook Bill Sykes (Ryan Schlect/Tasos Pappos).
Incredibly, the thieves managed to dodge a pounds 160,000 state-of-the-art CCTV security system aimed at stopping light-fingered visitors from taking home any souvenirs.
Light-fingered MPs have angered Commons colleagues because they keep pinching their newspapers.
Police say they catch the perpetrators of more than four every five crimes so light-fingered criminals stand a good chance of being arrested and receiving a criminal record.
There is strong rumour that, come Sunday morning Masses, a new hymn will be launched: Oh God, to RC aid please quicken, Light-fingered Prods have pinched our Dickon.
According to Best Western, light-fingered guests walk off with more than toiletries at this time of year.
BEER giant SAB Miller is being forced to replace tens of thousands of Peroni-branded glasses that were pinched by light-fingered drinkers.
They lost 3,000 nicked during the first three months of the scheme, I don't want to violate the entente cordiale but there are obvious comparisons to be drawn between our nation and the light-fingered Parisians.