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the first stage of photosynthesis during which energy from light is used for the production of ATP

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Corelation between Referees' Stroop Test parts finishing time, error amounts and correction amounts and sound and light reaction time is shown at Table 8.
On the other hand electrons evolved contribute towards the formation of NADPH which is the product of light reaction and used for carbon dioxide fixation in later phase of photosynthesis.
The capturing light of--and producing energy-rich compounds in--a plant are divided into the light reaction and the dark reaction (or light-independent reactions) of photosynthesis.
G24i's technology was developed at Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) where Professor Michael Graetzel's dye-sensitised cell invention is recognised as coming close to mimicking the light reaction in nature's photosynthesis.
There are two parts to photosynthesis -- a light reaction and a dark reaction.
The light reaction of photosynthesis is not temperature dependent and can occur at 4[degrees]C in the right type of light.
The light reaction of photosynthesis is not temperature-dependent and can occur at 4[degrees]C.
Evaluation of distribution of attention This was composed of three sub-tests: Sound Reaction, Light Reaction, and Sound + Light Reaction, each of which took 60 seconds.
The Light Reaction Company, which we presented as a very viable alternate, is highly-trained, highly-equipped, standards coming from the US armed forces," he said at a news conference.
Edgard Arevalo said troops from the elite Army Scout Rangers and Light Reaction Company have been sent to the island province, and navy vessels are consistently patrolling the area.
Other scientists have previously determined that the sulfur dioxide, ultraviolet light reaction in the absence of oxygen can produce the anomalous isotope fractionation.
effective reaction volume, the TFR provides very high surface, through which light reaction products can be separated from the process.
Then, NADPH and ATP made in the light reaction power the reduction of C[O.
This is the second general light reaction of photosynthesis.
That mission should last throughout next year, raising two Philippine light reaction companies and four light infantry battalions.