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We've been able to separate the light reaction from the dark reaction and instead of using biological photosynthesis, we are using solar panels to convert the sunlight to electrical energy, then to a chemical intermediate, and using that to power carbon dioxide fixation to produce the fuel," Liao said.
Shoppers can interact with easy to use technology such as N3L's "Explorer Chamber," to ensure that the chosen frame and lens provide a comfortable and secure fit against wind, light and ultra violet (UV) light reaction or the "Motion Mirror" that allows customers to capture a photo and send an HTML email of their selected eyewear to friends and family.
The Light Reaction Company, which we presented as a very viable alternate, is highly-trained, highly-equipped, standards coming from the US armed forces," he said at a news conference.
Edgard Arevalo said troops from the elite Army Scout Rangers and Light Reaction Company have been sent to the island province, and navy vessels are consistently patrolling the area.
Aside from the marines who are responsible for the overall security in Sulu, Basilan ang Tawi-Tawi, the military had also deployed units of the elite US-trained Light Reaction Company to the banditry infested group of islands.
Other scientists have previously determined that the sulfur dioxide, ultraviolet light reaction in the absence of oxygen can produce the anomalous isotope fractionation.
effective reaction volume, the TFR provides very high surface, through which light reaction products can be separated from the process.
Professor Graetzel's dye-sensitised cell invention is recognised as coming close to mimicking the light reaction in nature's photosynthesis.