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photographic equipment that measures the intensity of light

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The light meter should be recalibrated at least once a year because of being dropping or left in your car," Fedoruk recommends.
One of the first steps is to assess the current levels of light pollution and to this end we will be using light meters.
The LightScout DLI 100 Light Meter is an affordable tool for measuring variability of daily light integral (DLI) in different plant growing locations during the same 24-hour period.
Learn how to calibrate a hand-held light meter with an HD camera; how to use incident and reflective light meters and waveform monitors; and how to conduct a camera test.
We have now acquired a light meter for accurate measurement of sky brightnesses.
Guided by a light meter and national standards, fixtures are being replaced to achieve optimum levels while maintaining safety, and new paint and carpeting help enhance lighting.
Q POLICE who stopped my young son-in-law for a routine check recently tested his tinted windscreen with a light meter and gave him a pounds 60 fine and three points.
Modern cameras have a range of programmed exposure modes; indeed, some have nothing else: they automatically set the shutter speed and aperture depending on the exposure reading made by the camera's built-in light meter.
And where Lord's once reverberated to the coke can calypso, the faces among a 27,000 crowd short-changed by the light meter were almost uniformly, and depressingly, white.
Until Unihedron introduced the Sky Quality Meter (see the box on page 104), no standard commercial light meter was sensitive enough to measure the brightness of the night sky.
It has an uncoated lens, and no flash or light meter.
She uses no assistants, light meter, fancy lighting rigs, nor elaborate studio sets.
So it was a surprise, when I opened the operating manual, to discover that the first thing Pentax wanted me to know was not how to install the memory card or how to set the light meter, but this: "Images taken using the Optio S40 that are for anything other than personal enjoyment cannot be used without permission according to the rights as specified in the Copyright Act.
In one handheld unit, the Enviro-Meter provides an anemometer, humidity meter, light meter, and two thermometers.
I wrote and directed three short films in my two years in Newport and I learned how to write, produce, load a camera, use a light meter, operate a camera and to edit,'' said 31-year-old Kapadia, who is originally from London.