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luminous intensity measured in candelas

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Whilst the equivalent reduction in the risk of death was around 33 percent for each additional 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity a day, the benefits of light intensity activity were large enough to mean that this too might prolong life.
The authors found that the total volume of physical activity, from light intensity upwards, was associated with a lower risk of death from any cause.
The objective of this work was to maximize the biomass content in order to increase the lipid productivity by shifting the culture condition from high to low nitrogen concentration under high light intensity.
The effect of light intensity on the behavior, eye and leg health and immune function of broiler chickens.
The effects of temperature, dye concentration, light intensity and pre-treatment methods on the photocatalytic activity were investigated.
A total of 10 females were analyzed for each time point under 1 light intensity, and each treatment was repeated 9 times.
Lux (lx) was used as the light intensity unit for comparison of behaviors of other fish species in previous studies.
In VPPM, light intensity is controlled by adjusting the duty cycle of a pulse train; however, if this is done at low data rates or with long idle periods, the resulting flicker may become more noticeable.
This enables scheduled light intensity correction to be made throughout the anticipated 2000 hour useful bulb life, so ensuring optimum output at all times.
light control: light intensity of each lamp bank individually programmable per lamp bank, a par light sensor as adjustment and control of the light intensity,
Cool to the touch, they instantly achieve maximum light intensity and are backed by a three-year warranty.
When one or more LEDs are assembled in an array, the contrast in color shades or light intensity between the LEDs is noticeable by the human eye.
The dimming-enabled switches, requiring no extra devices, can tune light intensity of LED light bulbs and light tubes and offer a number of dimming approach settings, including five-phase dimming, passive infrared-activated (PIR-activated) dimming, and seamless dimming.
For example, swimming in response to the relative rate of change in light intensity at twilight has emerged as the major proximate mechanism initiating DVM in freshwater zooplankton, and it clearly plays a role in marine zooplankton as well (Ringelberg, 1995, 1999, 2010).