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electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity

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Batteries Plus Bulbs offers the following tips, within their series of DIY videos, for purchasing specific light bulbs to set different tones in various rooms in your home:
Carol Hall, managing director of Reverse Vending Corporation reVend[R], added: "reVend[R] has over 28 years of reverse vending experience: we invented the very first reverse vending recycling machines for domestic light bulbs.
Light bulbs that are not energy efficient will be banned across the UAE by the end of this year as the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (Esma) has expanded its range of efficiency standards to cover more electrical equipment and appliances.
After all, used light bulbs often end up in landfills, which poses a significant danger to the environment and proves costly.
A large, risk-free LED light bulb replacement program would cost a small fraction of the expenditure proposed for invasive meters.
In front of a Chicago crowd in 2012, Romney declared, "And the government would have banned Thomas Edison's light bulb.
and the House GOP is dedicating time to light bulb regulation repeal.
Jury member Will Self added: "I don't think any of the judges feel this is the dernier cri in terms of what will be done with the low-energy light bulb, but if you'll forgive the pun - they are definitely a light leading the way.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, breaking a CFL bulb requires a series of complicated steps that varies depending on the surface on which the light bulb is broken.
And what happened next was that every time we needed a light bulb changed at the Gateshead restaurant we had to call an electrician from Birmingham.
The Energy Saving Trust advised more than 1,000 shoppers at St David's Centre in Cardiff on their lighting needs, and of those surveyed more than 60%thought that the energy-saving light bulb was brighter than the traditional one.
TC Orient") entered into a preliminary exclusive distributorship agreement with a major lighting system wholesaler and distributor, Nicenough (China) Limited ("Nicenough") to distribute its 3gLED light bulbs in Hong Kong.
Summary: EWS-WWF and Ras Al Khaimah Environment Protection and Development Authority unite to distribute energy-saving light bulbs
The campaign to help consumers save money, energy and CO2 emissions launched with the replica energy efficient light bulb, is travelling the country on a low emission truck.
Euan Sutherland, B&Q chief executive, said: "We hope this light bulb amnesty will encourage people to make the small changes to their homes that are good for their pockets and good for the planet.