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wind moving 4-7 knots

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The day was fine, the sun warm, but tempered with a light breeze.
The Samoset rolled and righted on a sea, and in the light breeze her canvas gave forth a hollow thrum.
Despite the heavy clumsiness of her lines, the Aorai handled easily in the light breeze, and her captain ran her well in before he hove to just outside the suck of the surf.
His mind contained several millions of facts, packed too closely together for the light breeze of the imagination to draw through the mass.
In summer it was a pleasant place, for the deep woods on either side murmured, and the heather, which grew thick round the granite pedestal, made the light breeze taste sweetly; in winter the sighing of the trees was deepened to a hollow sound, and the heath was as gray and almost as solitary as the empty sweep of the clouds above it.
The curtains were drawn entirely back, and he inhaled with rapture the light breezes of that clear, beautiful night.
Temperatures reached a maximum of 15C, with just a light breeze and blue skies, making it feel particularly warm for this time of year.
Edenderry were well poised at the interval, 0-6 to 0-4 behind with the light breeze set to favour them.
But it will mostly clear during the morning as a light breeze develops.
Punctual THE trains today are now almost all late Weary travellers know and would willingly speculate Alas in winter railway points freeze Brought about by a little snow and a light breeze Or perhaps the rain was just too wet, You may get to reach your destination yet And when the wrong coloured leaves fall on the line You may not get home before nine The air conditioning does not work well The coaches in the summer are a living hell Four different seasons in one unusual day Would cause unbelievable havoc and disarray What we require is a cheap punctual train And a seat to sit in now and again.
MC38 owner/skipper John Bacon and his Dark Star crew were crowned Cup winners, after two days of racing in light breeze and golden autumn sunshine.
Blaer," meaning a light breeze, strikes us as particularly beautiful, but Icelandic officials felt Blaer was for boys only.
Aidan was diagnosed four years ago when mum Melissa noticed he suffered an allergic reaction from a light breeze.
Running conditions were excellent with only a light breeze on what is an undulating and normally very windy course.
Yesterday saw a real shake up in the overall event leader board, with the teams who have so far dominated this event struggling in the light breeze.