light breeze

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wind moving 4-7 knots

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I went into my cabin to seek relief in a few hours' sleep, but almost before I closed my eyes the man on deck came down reporting a light breeze.
The sails, in that light breeze, made but a faint fluttering noise.
The day was fine, the sun warm, but tempered with a light breeze.
The Samoset rolled and righted on a sea, and in the light breeze her canvas gave forth a hollow thrum.
They loved to sit there in the silence, with only each other and the sheeny, prying lizards for company, talking of the old times and planning for the new; while light breezes stirred the tattered vines high up among the columns, where owls nested.
The curtains were drawn entirely back, and he inhaled with rapture the light breezes of that clear, beautiful night.
You see, Medium Coat is a three-quarter length affair, and is flappy in even a light breeze.
There will be a drop in temperature and light breeze conditions will prevail.
In the final race of the event, Kalinina secured second place on the podium when she snatched a second, while Fancelli could only manage a fourth as both women struggled in the light breeze that dipped to 5 knots.
THE GREAT WAR by CHARLIE TOAL, AGED 8 There is a light breeze What shakes the leaves Which slither down the rock, As time stands still We stop, We stand, We unite for what is right The clouds part The sun shines through, We are now all true, Me and you But the few who have fallen Now, high in heaven, Bold and oldHere is their story to be told Soldiers marched through night and day, They helped us find the way By making the ultimate pay Their lives given up So we can stand up Now, today and tomorrow to be free, always to be able to see future.
We even had the sunshine and a light breeze so we didn't get too hot.
And it's not some cheap property about to collapse like a house of cards in a light breeze either.
Most of these trips are held at dawn to allow tourists to enjoy the light breeze while watching the sun rising slowly to wake the city up.
After some initial cloud, sunny intervals are expected during a mainly dry and fine day and temperatures, which have remained quite mild, could rise to a maximum 18degC, with a light breeze adding a freshness to the air.
Inside the cylinders, synchronous motors and transparent polychrome discs activate to create an illusion of movement and mechanical sounds, resembling insects or a light breeze, according to Swatch.