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bread made with finely ground and usually bleached wheat flour

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For a nice, light bread dough, you can use any simple baking powder biscuit recipe.
And for a real calorie bargain, try a light bread with around 50 calories per slice.
* Steamed Buns, featuring a light bread shell filled with pork, sesame, spicy meat, and red beans.
A good-sized portion of haddock was topped with three jumbo shrimp, covered with a light bread crumb crust and baked in a lemon-garlic cream sauce.
Light breads like Nature's Harvest Light and Sara Lee Delightful drop to around 45 calories by shrinking each slice to % oz.
This is because they desire aesthetically light breads. Loaf weight and weight loss are related inversely.
Canapes are always a good indication of events to follow and these were very good - smoked salmon, just-right boiled quails eggs, fluffy balls of goats cheese, oniony light breads.
The bread will be sold under the Nature's Own Healthline banner, which includes Nature's Own Wheat 'n Fiber bread with seven grams of carbs per slice, Nature's Own Sugar Free bread, and Nature's Own Light breads with only 40 calories per slice.
Late last year, Flowers Foods also began marketing its sugar-free and light breads under a new subbrand called Nature's Own Healthline.
They can also be used for all known types of baked goods from light breads to sourdough breads, from sweet dough to products loaded with sugar, egg whites or cheese.
Or try light breads (like Arnold or Oroweat Bakery Light or Pepperidge Farm Carb-Style or Very Thin), which have just 40 to 60 calories per slice--about half what you'd get in ordinary whole-grain breads.
Light breads are lower in calories (they have about 50 per slice) than most other breads (about 100 per slice).
Light breads are lower in calories--typically 40 to 50 per slice--because their slices are smaller or because they have added fiber of both.
What gives light breads fewer calories than regular breads?