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Caption: Focused light beam for easy inspection during and after spraying.
"Each sphere bends the light to a high magnitude and splits the light beam, creating millions of individual beams of light.
So, the light beam doesn't suffer from shaking during the curing process.
A specially designed lens split light beams passing through a fiber into two segments.
Researchers said that the technique, called Raman spectroscopy (RS), which involves shining a light beam on to a sample of tissue to reveal any abnormalities, could be quicker and more reliable than the current biopsy method.
In Puschino we used a device with three light beam collimators directed towards West, East, and Polar Star and devices with alpha-activity measuring collimators directed the same towards West, East, and Polar Star.
"Imagine that you could divert light in time -- slow it down, speed it up -- so that you create a gap in the light beam in time,'' said study coauthor and Cornell physicist Alex Gaeta.
To measure the object without moving it, Fujitsu Laboratories developed an improvement to the technique using a terahertz wave and angled probe light beam in which a newly-developed graduated mirror array with multiple levels is placed in the light beam.
An optometrist uses a small, hand-held instrument called a retinoscope, which bounces a light beam off the back of your eye and back into the instrument.
The evaluation was based on x-ray beam collimation observed on radiographs stored in the film library of the hospitals, questionnaires administered to radiographers and light beam misalignment test conducted on the x-ray machines.
A method and apparatus for inspection of a security article (10) is provided in which a substantially collimated light beam (15) from a point light source (14) is directed onto a diffractive optical projection element (DOE) (11).
The ultra-short-throw projector is able to detect the movement of the included stylus pen when it enters the light beam, eliminating the need for additional hardware to detect touch, as in traditional interactive whiteboards, and adding interactivity to any surface.
The switch includes an infrared LED and phototransistor, allowing for an opaque object to block the light beam from multiple directions, including the X-, Y- and Z-axes.
Making the sensor as small as possible enables pin-point accuracy, and the special tip ensures that the light beam remains parallel.
Light Beam Industries, LLC, of Eugene, Oregon (USA), reports that it has developed a novel light-generating plastic using its patented technology.